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Do I record it as an Achievement, Elective, or both?

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Background: Achievement #5 states to use 7 tools to build anything. Elective #7c states to build Foot Racres and use them with a friend. So my den used 7 tools to build foot racers, and then used them as part of an obstacle course as part of achievement #1, Feats of Skill. It was a great den meeting.


Question: Can I check off both achievement #5 and elective #7c, or must I decide between the two?

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Well..the way you asked it, you could record it as both since each one (req and elec) list two different activities.


This isn't getting into college or National Honor society. The whole program is about the kids doing stuff.


But at the same time,. try to make sure you are not teaching the Cubs to look for the easiest way to cut corners..IE: Cutting grass is not landscaping AND outdoor activity, AND environment AND gardening AND LNT and Physics(engine).

See what I mean. Some things can easily be broken into many different activities in one, but others are just one activity.

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It really is a tough cal and depends on your particular activity.


We did the scouting for food. This can easily be considered a citizenship activity, but likewise, we can cout our citizenship activities towards Good Turn for America too.


But then you have my son, who in the last 2 1/2 months finished enough requirements and electives to recieve his Bear badge as well as a gold and silcer arrow points.


If we were working on an achievement and completed the required 5 out of 7, we can not use the other two as elective requirements NOR can we count the activities used as requirements as electives at the same time.


So, pretty much.. it depends on what you are doing!

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Actually following the requirements might be the way to go.


Wolf Achievement 5a) Point out and name 7 tools. Do this at home, or go to a hardware store with an adult. Tell what each tool does.


5b) Show how to use pliers


5c) Identify a Philips head, and a standard screw. Then use the right tool to drive, and then remove, one from a board.


5d) Show how to use a hammer.


5e) Make a birdhouse, a set of bookends, or something else USEFUL.


The highlight of USEFUL is mine.


Wolf Elective 7c) Make a pair of "foot racers" and use them with a friend.


Now foot racers are a lot of things, but I doubt I would call them useful. Also, making them consists of using a drill, and a either a hammer, or a screwdriver. That's it, unless you have the boys using a saw to cut 2 ft lengths of board.


Follow the requirements and make something easy, useful, and fun.


Then do the foot racers as just the elective. You could also use them for 5c, or 5d, depending on how you put them together. However, if you use the foot racers as 5c, please do the ENTIRE requirement. That means have the boys put the screws in, then take them out, then put them back in, to complete the racers.


Edited to say that birdhouses are grand! As are bird feeders, plant holders, recipe holders, etc. To bad you did not think this thru a bit earlier. You could have had the Webelos make trivets for their moms for Valentines Day!



(This message has been edited by Scoutnut)

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I was the Good Turn for America person on the district committee. GTFA is not an advancement but a way to recorded all the service hours that BSA members give. So if it conservation service require in an CS requirement, achievement, for world conservation award, requirement for Star, Life, Eagle, cleaning up the park at Day Camp, singing carols, or anything done by a members or leader whether for advancement, patch or just for the heck of it counts and should be recorded for Good Turn for America.

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