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The thread on Mixing It Up discussed campouts so I didn't want to hijack that one, so I spun this...


What 'non-BSA' style Skillbases have you or your scouts put on for your troop?


OK, I'll start!


We had the entire troop over to my house ( we have about 15 in the troop ) where we put on a formal meal, complete with china, silver, white tablecloth, etc... All the scouts came dressed in coat and tie, many mom's showed up as 'dates'.


Scoutmasters dressed in suit and tie and acted as waiters for the whole evening.


Mrs. CA_Scouter and helpers discussed dining etiquette, introductions, dinner conversation, seating ladies, entering/exiting vehicles, etc... all manner of chivalry and proper gentlemanly behavior.


Scouts had a blast. Two of them put on british 'nobility' accents and stayed in character the whole night. They even left me a tip afterward - hilarious!


This skillbase was talked about for months. It was really a lot of fun.



Whose next?












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That sounds like a great idea! Wether formal or just proper manners while dinning in public. Don't know about you, but In hate going places where a person at another table is sooo obnoxiously loud on their cell phone, it dominates YOUR conversation too!


But I like the formal thing. Tell the guys they can use it during prom one day.

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That's awesome.


I can't think of any offhand, but one I've been wanting to do for a while is set up a street hockey tournament and invite all the local troops to it. I found a first place trophy for our troop from a district-wide street hockey tournament from 1979, and thought that that was an awesome thing to do, even if its kinda bizarre for Scouts.

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Had a SM in a former troop who decided the scouts should know how to do laundry, iron clothes and sew on a patch or repair a button. He devoted one meeting to it.


Seemed a good idea, but did not become a troop tradition.


Ironically, my Dad (a Kings scout from Canada many years ago) showed me a badge he earned for that very thing.


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