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What dumb question does he have now?

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I was just a brand new to Scouting parent with a brand new to scouting son. But I was an active parent,. I helped the pack and my den leader with anything they needed. I attended den meetings, pack meetings and was invited to sit in on leader meetings which I also attended.


To that I say WAY TO GO!! Wished more parents would take active role in their kids!! Scouts packs/troops could be so much better.

Also Praise God you about your Cancer being gone!


If I did not you know you would say me and you are LOT A LIKE.

I am also new DL also Bear, have a wopping 4 months under my belt. I have asked same sort of questions, like every one else nobody knows everything.

I have done a lot of networking, talking to other CM's which have offered to help in our PWD using there track since we are new. I am also looking at being a Webelos leader next year, heck I been finding camp spots for us, down here we have some lakes not charge us a thing if we pick up trash or a discounted rate.

If I can be some help, with the little knowledge I have, give me a shout.

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First, let me "second" what bear dad said in reference to the cancer. I hope that will be a trail you never have to walk again.


As you grow in your local program, you will also grow in local resources in your scouting community. Overall, this is a fun and informative forum. But, aside from hard policy, much of what we have to offer is subjective based on experience. And you might detect a bit of bias from time to time. ;)

But even operating in that realm, you will almost always find a good take-away point or two


I think your questions are great and show you that you are and will continue to be a good leader. I'm sort of a rookie myself. I was active as a youth from 1971-1981 but, after that. my involvement was slim-to-none until 2000. And even over the last 10 years my involvement and responsibilities with Scouting vary due my work schedule. So for me these forums serve as part of my connection to the program when I have to go for months without personal scout/scouter contact.


Keep Posting and Happy Trails!


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How many ways can it be written to ask away? Your posts and questions are all relevant. I have been invloved in Scouting since I was a CUB, starting in 1977. Nine(ten including overseas) councils later, and I am still involved. I love reading all of the differences in program from across the country. I have only recently begun actually responding to posts, but I will continue. I urge you to do the same. I take a lot of things for granted and usually assume that ALL leaders were exposed to scouting as a youth. I had one parent just recently tell me how great Cub Scouting was and he wished it had been around when he was a boy. This Dad was 30 years old. Imagine his surprise when I asked him to go to the CENTENNIAL kick-off program??? He was relieved to hear that Cubs hadn't been around for that long, but only 80 years. So keep asking questions, it is good for all of us, reminding ourselves that millions of boys need SCOUTING today.

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I took a course at a place I was working on customer relations skills. It was call FISH and put on by the people from the Fish Market at Pike Place Market in Seattle who throw the fish around.


Their take on questions was while you have answered the question a thousand times before it is the questioners first time. And they deserved a good answer.


Check some threads topics on this site, OA sash wear, Too young to be an Eagle,

uniform -- all have been asked but someone needed an answer now.

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