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It was Scout Sunday during the Tiger year. I was thoroughly convinced I had not done a good job at all. Sure, the guys had earned their badges, and we had some fun. But I could never get that 100%, go off without a hitch type meeting.


Then, in the parking lot while talking to a parent about next year, their Tiger looks at me and says, "You're going to be our leader next year, too. Yes!!!" Then he gave me a look I'll never forget, and one that told me I guess I wasn't so bad after all. He will be crossing over into the same troop as my son next month.

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great topic - so often we are here dealing with questions of rules or dealing with troubles within a troop or council.


Many of mine revolve around my son... when he was a Webelos I he was still just learning to swim (nearly drowned as a young kid and refused to let go of edges without a floaty for the longest time) but he decided that he wanted to try the red swim test which would be jumping into the deepend and swimming across and back. As he jumped in all I was praying was "please come up, please come up" and he did come up and actually made it across - just not back, but I was so proud of him.


That same summer camp I got to witness my son shoot a bbgun. He did hit the target once, but that's not actually the part that made me proudest. I have had a few of guns since I was an early teen when I had a gun pointed at me. I spent about 6 months working with a friend of mine to make me able to attend that station. So just sitting by my son's side as he shot was a great thing. Learn there that my son can't close only 1 eye and we had to cover one for him so he could aim and that's when he hit the target - he still has that up on his wall.


Now that he is in Boy Scouts I've been given the opportunity to watch more from the sidelines and watch in awe as he has been growing up to be a fine young man. And I get to reap some of the benefits of all he's learning... he's learned to enjoy cooking and will often cook for the whole family. I've seen him take on more responsibilities and help younger scouts.


And for me, I love hearing from the boys "you're one of my favorite leaders" o "oh, why can't you come on this campout" or "oh good I like it when you come"


since I'm involved with girl scouts too and have a higher position with them, if there is a schedule conflict then I have to miss out of the boys campout.

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Hearing that the older Scouts were keeping an eye on, and that the younger Scouts were going to the older Scouts during their first few months at high school. That first six months is unsettling for most - I was proud to know that without prompting, our Scouting relationships were being honoured. Non Scouting school friends had no idea how they knew each other apparently.


Having my Asutralian Scouts proudly wearing either Indian Lore or Fishing MB's next to their Australian badges. Caused a few second glances from other Troops.

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I have to agree with WAKWIB. Most of my favorite things/times in scouting have come from working at camp. It's so cool to see kids smile because of a skit you did at the campfire or a song you sung in the dining hall. You realize how much of an impact this program has on kids when they come up to you at the end of the week and thank you for working with them on a mb or helping them have an awesome week.


I have been lucky enough to go to camp school twice and have met some amazing people from across the country. I have also had the privilege of working with international scouts.


The best things about working on camp staff are the people you work with. I am amazed every year at how close of a family the staff becomes so quickly. Above all else, the relationships that you create are what keep me coming back every year.



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I am a new DL, so with that a couple quick ones,

when we make a craft or do a project, boys seem to feel proud of what they did.


The other one is a boy came up and hugged me and said "YOUR A GREAT LEADER"!

Think thats says it all.

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