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Park Rangers and Scouts?????

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Scoutfish said it best. When you are RECOGNIZED as a scout, either through the paperwork and/or uniform, folks WILL hold you to a higher standard. FOlk will expect you to be able to handle ANY first aid and/or emergency situation. While some may mock when someone says they are a Scout or a Scouter,and usually

they are the young in my experience, most older folks will have high expectations.


BTW Scoutfish are you going to the regional jambo in Kinston in April, If so see ya there!

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Im not so sure that the feelings against the Scouts by NPS Rangers is universal. At Boundry Waters and Quetico the Rangers on both sides of the boarder appreciate the tons of garbage that the boys bring back from BWCA. Not to mention the numerous times boys have added a lost or injured paddler.

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Problems I've had with scout groups:


They never arrive for check-in when they say they will.


They don't know the meaning of quiet hours.


Scout leaders disassembling a gate to drive into an area they are not supposed to.


Scouts running loose in the woods unsupervised cutting down standing trees, both live and dead. [side note: How do you know a scout cut down a tree? It's always hacked off three feet above the ground;)]


Scout leaders sitting around the campfire drinking beer while the kids are off who knows where.


My favorite: Scout leader parked in handicapped space with placard improperly displayed so expiration dates are not visible. When I found him to examine the placard, he admitted that it was issued to his mother who died three years ago.


All these situations occurred in the youth group areas away from the family camping.

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