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Death of Cousin and Leader

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Monday morning my cousin Steve died suddenly at the age of 34. He left behind a wife, three step daughters, and two step-grand-daughters. His parents are especially upset, as would any parent.


He was not a lifetime scouter. He was in scouts as a youth, and served as an ASM for about a year 5 years ago. When I asked him to help me out with our pack two and a half years ago, he jumped in feet first and never stopped running. Not only did he take the lead as committee chairman, he led us in our first Popcorn sale, multiple fundraisers, and also became WDL. He also jumped into District service rebuilding the District Webpage, becoming Public Relations Chairman, and Serving on the district committee.


His contributions will never be forgotten.


We are thinking about naming the pack campership program after him, as he was a big supporter of no scout being left out of camping because of money. Does anyone else think that is appropriate.


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