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Problems Joining Site

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I am receiving emails from an individual who says he can't get registered on the site. He has asked me to post this, to try to find out if the problem is on his end, or here with the site. Any help would be appreciated.


Mr. Allen,


I'm sorry to keep pestering you with this, but I still can't get in contact with anyone from Scouter.com. Did you get any response after you forwarded my initial email? I have continued to try to register with the site, even using alternate email addresses, but I still never receive the email with a registration number. I have checked the "junk mail" folders of my different accounts, and have not gotten any emails to those folders either.


I received your response to my email normally, so I don't think it's a problem on my end. Maybe the Scouter.com email accounts aren't working properly. I have noticed that the list of "new members" to the site hasn't had any new names since I started trying to join, so messages might not be getting through.


Would you mind posting a topic about this situation on the forum so that I can read any advice the administrators/moderators might have. Hopefully this situation can get resolved easily once the people with the tech know-how get involved.


Thanks again for your efforts.


Jay Newell

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I'm the person that contacted BrentAllen about problems joining the site.


I'm glad to see that the issues have been fixed and I'm happy to be a new member of these forums.


Thanks to BrentAllen and all the others who got the word out about the registration problems and to those who got the issues fixed.



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"Found I had to use a PC and Internet Explorer -- then I could register."


I do use a PC but I don't use Internet Explorer and I don't seem to any problems (other than the 502 and 504 errors that everyone seems to have been experiencing) and I am using Firefox!

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