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Camp-o- rees:need unique ideas/checklist

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After years of camporees and scouts complaints have sort of convinced the scouts to commit to

doing one next fall. Would like to provide input based on experience and wonder if someone may have

developed a checklist as a guide. If you would like to email me direct please feel free to - I'll

take as much info/input as you may wish to provide..of course I do not wish other people to be deprived

of your comments. Michael Jirasek, scoutmaster Troop 20 jirs23m@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance

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One idea that keeps coming up in my neck of the woods, but keeps getting shot down by the powers that be, is a cross country orienteering/backpacking camporee. Everyone would start at one point camping the first nite. Then in the morning, break camp, shoot some azimuths to get to the stations,and then do scout skills in order to get the next bearing.


the PTB keep saying it's too difficult to organize and run, and typically making excuses on why it cannot be done. I think part of it is that it would be a non-traditional camporee. BUT as the "young Turks" are moving onto the DisCom, I see this idea gaining more support.

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Eagle92, that's a great idea...my previous council did something similar with great success. Well worth the effort but as you mentioned, there are well meaning folks in key positions that often stifle new ideas, particularly if it involves physical activity (and leaving behind the giant horse trailer full of gear). The cool thing is the scouts really dig the challenge, and the fresh ideas! Best wishes, Desertrat

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One of the districts in our Council ran a camporee like Eagle 92 is talking about. It went very from what I heard. It was planned and run by a couple of Venturing Crews.


Our district discussed the idea of sort of camporee, but the troops would camp the first night in town, preferably at their CO location. Then they would get up break camp and hike to a local park where they all camped and competed together. Part of the competition was how well the patrols backpacked and set up their campsite after they hike. That night they would have a very big campfire with the locals also being invited. The idea is that all the folks of our town would see Boy Scouting in action with troops backpacking from all over town to the local park. THe locals would be invited to watch the patrol competitions at the park. It never got planned because the right folks didn't take a lead, but I still like the idea.


Our troop has participated in a few night camporees and actually planned and ran one. They are a lot of fun. The basic idea there is the competitions don't start until after the Saturday night campfire. The competition typically ends around 2:00 am at the latest.



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