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Scouter/Scoutmaster Award of Merit has changed...Cubmasters now eligible

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Every council is different and I've seen the awards given out at RTs and district banquets. The council needs to give you at least a certificate so you can go to a scout shop or council distributor and get extra knots if you have multiple uniforms. Scout shops usually have a decent supply of them.

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"Upon receipt of the approved nomination form, the council may present the Unit Leader Award of Merit, which includes a certificate, square knot with the appropriate device, and a gold-bordered unit leader emblem. Recognition of this achievement may be presented at appropriate district or council events, such as district or council leader recognition

dinners, training events, and board meetings."


It would seem the 6" patch goes away. There also seems to be a gold bordered emblem, I assume this is a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach or Crew Leader emblem. Makes me think of the old Mylar patches that indicated you were trained. Only 4 requirements in common. It also seems to be completely at council level while the old award was sent to the NESA director and is technically a national award. It almost seems like a new award, I wonder if the same knot will be used.

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It looks like this has a different knot, at least if USScouts.org has the correct picture. It is a gold knot on a blue background with a gold border.


I guess this means that anyone with the old, program specific awards can also earn this one as well.

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