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SM report @ Committee meeting

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Up coming trips, their planning stage and events leading up to these trips. For example whether a campsite has been reserved.


Campout arrangements, for example the plan to use backpacking stoves or special packing instructions for an outing.

Budgets for outings.

PLC items decisions and plans

My plans for the PLC

Money we plan to spend

Money we don't have that I want to spend


Most of what is delivered to the scouts through the PLC and youth leadership I deliver to the parents at the committee meeting. The scouts will have already been instructed on how to pack but mom may not know that he needs to rain proof his bag.






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I cover how activities went the prior month. Then I cover WWWWH of the upcoming events. I let them know about horizon events that I need them to do things for in the hope that they will handle them. I'll make some funding requests for things and let them know of any changes in the program.

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I report on past camping trips, future activities and estimated costs, needs (such as new tents or lanterns that require fund outlay), Troop problems that need Committee attention, and any decisions that need to be, or have already been, run through the PLC. The SPL does not attend Committee meetings - he runs the PLC and Troop. I think it's appropriate the SM is the liaison between the Troop and Committee.

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When I was a CC, SM brought SPL to report PLC's decisions. We did it for same reason boomer does.


SM had things he needed to report on independently as well, that were not youth member in nature. Nike described many of those.

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SPL usually only comes after 6-month planning conference to update TC on plans and so TC can look ahead for required support.


I give TC quick report on how the program side is going. This includes an overall report, including many positive things, but always tell them about any current issues we're working in leadership development, discipline, advancement, etc. By getting the Troop Committee on board with our approach to working challenges, they have been great at helping when parents raise questions.

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I would think it would depend on what positions you have in your committee and who all is in attendance.


We have our SPL give his report on what the boys have done since our last meeting and things that are coming up between meetings.


Adult committee:


Outdoor Cordinator follows up on SPL in upcoming camping trips.


Treasurer gives status on funds and if there are any concerns


Fundraiser Cordinator reports on upcoming or past fundraisers.


Advancement Cordinator doesn't usually discuss much unless he's noticing several boys are missing a couple things that need assistance in completing.


Quarter Master Cordinator reports from what the Quarter Master turns in - like needing to replace or buy new equipment.


COR communicates needs, concerns, or projects recently done or in future need


and of course the Committee Chair just makes sure the meeting goes smoothly


with all of that our SM really just sits and takes it all in - shares any concerns he has and lets the committee know if he's recently done a bunch of SMC and therefore needs the committee to make sure we are getting plenty of people available for BOR's

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