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First impressions are lasting impressions. I may not agree with it, but it still holds sway. It may not indicate a whole lot to the world in general, but if I'm applying for a janitorial job, I still show up in a suit and tie for the interview. Is the suit more important than the job skills? Probably not, but human nature is human nature and if one wishes to communicate a sense of importance, they have to abide by these unwritten "rules".


In reality, these boys don't need uniforms at all, but if one is going to make a statement to the world in a press release photo, maybe a complete job bodes better than a half-hearted attempt. It kinda says that they did "good enough" to show the average Joe that they are scouts, but it doesn't say they are the cream of the crop, which they in fact are, but don't show it


Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.



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Do not lose heart because of a few cranky uniform purists, the accomplishment still stands, three Eagles in one family is a noteworthy event anytime. Some people just like to pick apart at the little things. Reminds me of that great quotation, "You are only as big as the little things that get you upset." Keep up the good work.

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