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So what arbitrary rules do you enforce?

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Ditto to the ban on electronics, Ramen noodles and PopTarts.


Not going to rehash the electronics debate, but if all a patrol is eating for breakfast is PopTarts, what sort of learning is happening. Who is learning to cook? What teamwork is involved in opening the boxes? What sort of community experience can you enjoy while choking down a PopTart? Same with the Ramen noodles, however we will relax that rule for backpacking trips.


"What goes in the fire stays in the fire" is a mantra which harkens back to my days as a Scout. It just has a ring to it I enjoy. Too many ruined clothes and tents with all the flaming sticks swinging about.


No rule about sodas (around here they're called cokes with a small C. It doesn't matter who makes it). But its never been a problem. We do have our favorite country stores on the way to camp. Everyone loads up on junk, but it's usually gone by the time we get to camp.


It's never been raised to the level of a troop rule, but energy drinks are strongly discouraged. Scouts can buy them on the way home, but are allowed to open them only when we are within 15 minutes of home. Let the parents deal with them. I did have one boy approach me with one of those small, 2 oz. bottles of the concentrated energy crap. The sign said you have to be 18 to purchase, but the clerk would sell it to him if it was okay with me. All I said was "you've got to be kidding!?" and walked away. The kid was 14! What the h- does he need an energy drink for?

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to me an arbitrary rule is one that is implemented and enforced on a whim


We have rules about water bottles, sticks, candy and cell phones which we have to regularly remind the kids about. The kids bring their own tents so if they damage it its on them


The other regular rule I had is that Sat Breakfast and Sat Dinner must be hot. However the last three camporees in a row give us 1 hour or less for breakfast. Someone likes to have 7AM opening ceremonies, so we removed that hot Sat Breakfast rule for those events. This had impacts but no big deal



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Some rules I have seen enforced or enforced myself:


For car-camping situations... only adults are allowed to connect and disconnect the propane tanks.


At summer camp ... NOTHING hanging on the outriggers ... everyone brings a pen and a notebook.


Working at the camp trading post ... no shaving cream sold to kids who can't shave ... attempt to talk kids out of buying those wire-ring pocket saws.


Generally ... no whittling while walking (common sense, right? not so!) ... walking staves only, no random sticks ... no bug spray near the campfire ... no throwing rocks ... no throwing dirt clods ... no throwing sticks ... no throwing [insert random object here that Scout gets it in his mind to throw] ... no tying people up/to trees ... and lights out at 11 p.m. means just that.




Twocubdad - I'm curious - how do folks in your neck o' the woods differentiate between Coke and Pepsi products? "Give me a coke Pepsi?" "Give me a Diet Coke coke?"(This message has been edited by shortridge)

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With soft drinks the kids are carrying water in. With dry mixes, the kids can mix up, and still get sugar carbs.


Cocoa has caffeine too, as does tea/honey. Both have a bit less than soft/energy drinks, though.


There are plenty of sweet desserts (brownies come to mind, as does cobbler) they can make to satisfy sweet tooths.


I guess what I'm saying is you can challenge the youth, get to the Outdoors method, and still give them sweets.


I understand both the zipper and the boot rules, heck, they are part of my own regimen in my own personal hooch.



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We never had a no pop rule, we were a backpacking troop, with pack it in, pack it out put a little damper on that. PopTarts were a good light weight, no cook breakfast and top romin in pitch can be eaten raw but not my favorite. The one pet peeve was the mother who send here son or provide the patrol with sugarless drink mixes, hot chocolate, when there backing they need the energy. Candy didnt bother me either; paper brought in was brought out. Also the sugar high excuse as in He just has had too much sugar is a cop out, it seems to give them a way to avoid taking responsibility for bad behavior. Boots in the tent banned I hope you mean on their feet, my son first campout as a scout his tent buddy made him leave them outside in downpour, I was not to pleased. Out here you might find them gone in the morning or eaten as well as wet.

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We call everything a coke too, unless it's an RC. (I grew up in VA)


"Honey, will you get some cokes out of the basement?"

"What kind of coke?"

"Sprite and some of those Diet Dr. Pepper's."


Works for us. :)

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Being from the Pacific Northwest, soda was something your mother baked with or put in the fridge to make smell better. Then your dad put soda (club) into his whiskey. It also made great fuel for rockets.

Now days it seems when ever I ask for a Coke at a restaurant the waitress says in put upon voice, We dont have Coke but Pepsi.


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Dear MR. Walsh,


I hearby formerly dissolve our internet friendship. I cannot bear the thought of befriending an individual who has a peanut butter ban as I could live off of nothing but peanut butter......crunchy of course.







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Ramen noodles. The shortest point between two points is a straight line. We had to ban them in a troop I used to serve because a patrol had them on every campout due to how quick and easy they were to prepare. The line got drawn when they got too lazy to even heat water and started eating them dry.

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