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Congratulations Nolesrule

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Of course being that I'm now serving as a membership chairman, I would have liked to have seen a boy child.

But I'm a patient fellow, I can wait till she is old enough to join a Crew.


Two weeks ago we brought home a new Golden Retriever puppy. (Dudley, Dribbles, Doright).

I'm having a wonderful time just watching him discover the world.

Even though I know OJ isn't ready to be a parent just yet. Watching Dudley has really stirred-up the yearning inside of me to be a Grandparent.

I don't even mind doing the "Yucky Stuff"!

I just can't wait to hold a little person in my arms and there is no smell that is as wonderful as the smell of a baby who has just been bathed.

I'm very worried that when the time does come, that I'll be too old to enjoy it.


I do hope everyone is doing well.

Treasure every moment. Kids, like puppies have a nasty habit of growing up when we are not looking.


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Thanks guys. With 2 daughters now, I expect I'll be remaining a commissioner until my daughters are old enough for a crew. Not sure if we'll try for a third child. Depends on how the Mrs. and I feel a year from now.


My brother's wife is on the clock now. She's due today. And my sister had a boy at the beginning of September. My parents are having a 300% increase in grandkids in a 5 week period.


Tokala, I still plan on attending your WB course next spring. I sent in my deposit last month.

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Many congratulations now and happy times to come!


Years ago, my wife worked with a man who had 3 boys, the youngest of whom was a few years separated from his older siblings. One more time, he and his wife wanted to "try" for a girl. They looked into all the "superstitions" about having girls: lunar cycles, time of year and much, much more. After following everything they were "suposed" to do, his wife happily conceived again. Twin boys. The decided 5 was enough.

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Tokala, I still plan on attending your WB course next spring. I sent in my deposit last month.


Yep. You're on the list! Still have to recruit 15 more by January 27 forthe course to be a "go".


Nothing wrong with being a commissioner. Heck, I don't have any kids and I've got 27 years in as an adult volunteer.

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