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we just elected new committee members. we asked the old CC to stay on to train our new CC. When does the new CC actual take over? The tresury doesnt get along with the old CC witch is causing problems. Between the old CC, tres., ahd sec., there is nothing but a power struggle. They all want to plan everything. Last night our next. The next pack meeting was planned without any info coming from the CM. From what i was told by the Unit Com. is that the CM is in charge of planning the pack meeting.


CC is in charge of the pack

Tres. is in charge of the funds

Sec. keeps records and informs leaders

CM plans pack meeting.


If i am wrong with any of this please let me know i sure can use the help

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I would suggest you let the new cc take over, but request the old cc be available mentor the new cc as necessary.



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You got several answers in the other thread you posted.


CC is "in charge" of the Pack Committee, which handles the business end of things.


CM is "in charge" of delivering the program, including recruiting and mentoring the Den Leaders. One of the CM responsibilities is to plan and lead the Pack Meetings.


1. Everyone needs to get trained ASAP.

2. Everyone needs a copy of the "Cub Scout Leader Guide"

3. CC, CM and DL should all attend monthly Cub Roundtable meetings.


these 3 things should answer most of your questions.(This message has been edited by scoutldr)

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I agree with Sephrina and would add...


Make sure you know who your Unit Commissioner is and have their contact info. A good UC can provide valuable assistance in your situation.


Make sure you go to your District's roundtable. These monthly meetings are important sources for all that is going on in your district, council and at the national level. It is also a wonderful opportunity to network with other lesders and draw from their experience.

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You had a Pack Leaders meeting yesterday. Were you (new CC) and your husband (CM) in attendance?


If your husband (CM) was there, why did he not give any input into the upcoming Pack meeting?


If he was not there, well, he can't have input if he is not present.



As to when you officially start as CC - Once you turn in your volunteer application with CC listed as your position, you can be considered as officially registered in that position. Usually councils will not immediately update the unit roster and will wait until recharter time to put you on the charter as the new CC. However, once your application is in, you can start whenever your Unit decides they want you to start. You (new CC), the old CC, and your Charter Organization Representative (COR), need to get together to talk about the transition.


I personally, think I would push for starting now (especially with all of the problems on your committee), with the old CC helping and mentoring in a kind of assistant CC position.


Everyone needs to get TRAINED!


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As Lisa said in the other thread, you'll get better coverage by posting this in the Cub Scout Forum. I&P is an off-topic forum, where we agree to use our common bond of Scouting to solve the problems of the world.


If you've not taken FAST START online at scouting.org, do so.

If you've not taken THIS IS SCOUTING, online or at a training event, do so.

If you've not taken Position Specific Training for Pack Leadership, do so. Knowing what the Cubmaster's job is helps you have his/her back.


As far as when you take over, the effective date should be when the Adult Leader App, approved by the COR, gets turned in to the Council Registrar. You SHOULD HAVE an adult leader app to change your position, unless you are doing the change during the recharter process.


In any case, given what is going on, my suggestions:

- Ask the COR to have the books inspected before handing them over to the new Treasurer.

- Have a quiet talk with the CM. Tell him you'll have his/her back. Arrange for the two of you to get together once a month or so, privately, and make sure you've got each others' backs.

- Make sure to thank the outgoing leadership.

- Dump the voting. Pack Committees are support staff to the program folk (DL/CM). Consensus is useful, but voting is not necessarily part of the process.

- Invite your Unit Commissioner to attend your Committee and Pack meetings, and give you feedback and advice.


Most of all, have fun doing this.

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