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New Cubmaster in Spokane, WA

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Hi, all,


I recently stepped up as Cubmaster for Pack 8 in Spokane, WA. I have been Bear and Webelos I & II leader and my Webelos is crossing over. I still have a Tiger in the Pack, so I wanted to stay involved - I guess this is what happens when you say that!


Anyway, I am here for any suggestions and useful tidbits I can gather. I am the only person in the Pack with more than a year experience, so I am steering the other parents toward creating what I think could be an awesome Pack.




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Greetings sssdigger,


Reading your email kinda reminds me of my own situation. Im the Assistant Cubmaster of our Pack and my oldest son, a Webelos II, will be crossing over in May and my youngest son will be coming in as a Tiger at the same time. Havent done the den leader thing yet but Im planning to do it for my Tiger and hopefully take him all the way through to Webelos.


Theres a lot of great stuff here so read and enjoy! Good luck with your awesome pack! May all our Packs (and Troops) be awesome!





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