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Long Way from Home

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I'm new to the group and am currently residing (camped?) in Texas. I found the Scouter forums while searching for information on a favorite Scout Camp of my youth, Camp Tionesta near Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Although I'm retired and have been away from scouting for some time, I still remember the good times and life lessons learned in Troop 141, Allegheny Council. My wife and I are full-time RVers now so I guess I still use some of the skills learned as a scout. I know things have changed a lot since my scouting days but I'm glad that the organization is still alive and well and still helping young boys become outstanding citizens of our great country.


I'd sure like to know what happened to Camp Tionesta. Any Scouter members have any information?

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Welcome to the forums...


Do you hang your hat in one place most of the time? Or are you on the road all the time? I know many a Scout Troop that would love to have you on their committee or even as an Assistant Scoutmaster. What do you think? You wouldn't have to just remember the good old times, you could re-live them.



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I think Allegheny Council became part of French Creek Council?

For the past 25 years I have been a long way from home serving in Westmoreland Fayette Council (Greensburg area).

I really like SW-PA. Coming from the "Smoke" (London, England) to live in a small town 45 mins from Pittsburgh took a little getting used to.

I still dislike the cold winters we have.

For some time we have been thinking of buying a home in the Southern part of the US. But as of right now these plans are on hold.

Have to admit that the idea of RV-ing doesn't appeal to me. I like my home comforts and being in my own back yard.

But if it's your cup of tea? More power to you.


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