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What do we need to do to block someone and keep it blocked? I have tried to block a number of posters whose nonsense eventually annoys me to the limit; but they never stay blocked. They are still listed, a couple more than once, on my list. But they continue to show to me. Is this a function of automatic cookie removal? Anyone have an answer?

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Are you referring to the "Ignore this User" link on the left under the name? I'm pretty sure this only blocks them from PMing you, not their responses on the Forums. Or do you mean you're getting PMs from users you've "ignored"?

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I have only ever blocked one person.He wasn't around for very long.

Think he may have got on his bike and bicycled back to the monastery?

The ignore whatever it is did a good job.

He was ignored.

As a rule, I'm a little like a moth to a flame, even though I know the person is going to be a twit, I still want to see how much of a twit?


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