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Graphics - Letters like the Numeral Patches

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Does anyone know where I can find some clip art that has the letters of the alphabet like the numerals we use to distinguish our Packs/Troops? I know they exist because I've seen them on websites before, but now I can't find them anywhere. I'm doing a little flyer and it would be really cool to use that stuff. Maybe you can help me..please.




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I have a clipart folder on MyDocuments which is near 100M. I created it and build on it regularly by saving photos from other websites, and scout clipart galleries. Right click on the image and choose the "Save picture as..." option.


My gallery includes all the ranks, and position patches (current and many old), various versions of all the cub scout, boy scout and venturing/sea scout emblems, and tons more like MBs, patrol art, and pinewood derby, just to name a few.


When needed, I do modify some of this to suit my needs. I don't have a high end photo editor, so I make do much of my editing with Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and Microsoft Photo Editor. I use these images in MS Word documents, and Powerpoint. A little creativity and I have come up with some super images and documents.

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Be careful when "obtaining" material from a website. If it an OFFICIAL BSA website, then all is well. If not, email the webmaster for permission BEFORE downloading the photo, clipart, etc. (unless it is a universally-accepted bit of Scouting imagery). Website material is covered under copyright laws in the US and you could be on thin ice, legally speaking.


Especially if the material is going to be reused for your own website.

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Sorry to go off on a tangent, but this struck a chord personally and professionally.


Even if it's an official BSA site, the image still belongs to someone else. Our status as volunteers in an organization does not give us carte blanche to appropriate the images of that organization.


Just because something is labeled "clip art" doesn't mean it's free to use. Are you certain the person posting it and making it available for public consumption is the creator or has the rights to that art? If not, the original artist may not be getting proper compensation for his or her work. And that's not right.


I don't mean to sound like a prude, but we should be teaching our Scouts not to do stuff like this. Borrowing an image for a Scout camp flyer is a quick, slippery slope to borrowing the text of an online article for a term paper. It's the "if it's online, it's free for the taking" mindset.


Unless you've asked and received permission, that action is a very bad five-letter word - and if you have, all this is of course moot, and I applaud anyone for taking the step to make sure that ownership rights are intact.

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I checked with the website policies of the National Website, and it states that use of its imagery for SCOUTING websites is permissiable. There are very few OFFICIAL BSA websites, as most are for Scouting units (which are not covered by the BSA policies on website design/usage).

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