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Scout order of the Druids

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Clarification:My query actually had nothing to do with Druids.The concern is a private club functioning with in scouting that uses membership as a scouting credential.

I've pretty much ruled out any connection to Druidism and truthfully if the information on group was open,I would have no problem with Druid connection.

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I'm not sure if what you posted was meant as an insult. But could you stick with the current subject.


Regi seems to currently be concerned with a Scouting group that he has recently met. "I've encountered" certainly does not appear like he met any "Scout order of the Druids" from 1870. It appears to me regi is speaking about a current scouting group.



regi stated:

"I've been told that it originated with Baden Powell.Their stated goals are admirable but I'm concerned about their structure.From what I've gotten from the ones representing themselves as members of this group it has nothing to do with Druidism. They've stated that they are not a secret society but membership is invitation from members.These people are self described elite. I've seen nothing but good from the individuals I've encountered but I'm concerned about the closed nature of organization functioning within Scouts."


Further regi stated


The following is description I received from member.

"If you have a copy of "Baden-Powell" the Two Lives of Hero by William Hillcourt (80th Birthday Edition)On page 28, there is a brief mention of the founding of the Order of Druids.


Contrary to the name the Order has no affiliations with early pagans or any religious element.


Anyone can be invited to join, but usually the individual must be nominated by a current member.


...we herebye reinitiate the: Scouting Order of Druids



BadenP, from your post, it reads like you are not even answering regi's question regarding a current Scouting group, but just reading about Charterhouse when Baden Powell attended in the 1870s and your post doesn't seem to answer regis current question.



First of all it was not a scout group but "a group of 12 upper classmen" from BP's school called Charterhouse, "they called it the Druids after the name of the first president WW Drew.", " the club died a lingering death two years later as the interests of the members drifted elsewhere."



If you want to make a personal insult, please try harder, and stick with the current subject.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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Crew021, no insult intended just facts and observation based on your post so please quit your crying, than you.


There is no scout group officially sanctioned by the BSA called the order of the druids operating currently and that was my point and I was quoting BAdenPowell himself regarding the group. Second point even if there was a group like this operating today, which is extremely doubtful it has nothing to do with BSA. Crew021 why don't you try staying on topic for a change instead of complaining and whining, lol.

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Oh good grief.


regi never asked if the Scout Order of the Druids was sanctioned by the BSA.


regi has recently been contacted and probably invited to become a member of the Scout Order of the Druids. If you read regi's second and third post.


I answered the question that I have never heard of the Scout Order of the Druids, but stated I would like to comment on their statement, that they are the original Scouting group "originated with Baden Powell". Per regi's second post.


Even in regi's fourth post, regi stated

"The concern is a private club functioning with in scouting that uses membership as a scouting credential."


I think it is obvious that the Scout order of the Druids is not sanctioned by the BSA. I think everyone in this thread has concurred on that point, since regi's first post.


Regi seems to have been invited to a private club, he has met members and received an email from a member of the Scout Order of the Druids. The only thing he has not stated was if they wear the official BSA uniform.


I have attempt to comment to Regi, that there are a few organizations in the US which call themselves scouts. Usually other Scouting organizations in the US do not share the same views religious statement views or lifestyle views as the BSA.


BadenP, please stay on the current topic. A private group, calling themselves the original Scouts, that has recently invited regi to join.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)

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For pete sake, what have you been reading or do you pretend to know regis thoughts. He never said ANYTHING about being contacted by any group but rather he came across some information about the order. So once again Crewman you know not of what you speak, so maybe it would be best if you keep your own interpretations out of this. Maybe find yourself a good mystery book to read where you can try to insert your own erroneous conclusions, lol.

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Actually I thought I'd made it clear that I've had direct contact with said group.

"They've stated that they are not a secret society but membership is invitation from members.These people are self described elite.I've seen nothing but good from the individuals I've encountered but I'm concerned about the closed nature of organization functioning within Scouts."(earlier entry)

They are people who have moved into district and are deeply involved in our activities and outdoor committee.

I've expressed my concern to main person and he's agreed to sit down with me and address my concerns.

I had stated in earlier entries that I was looking for anyone who may of had personal contact.

My apologies for setting up situation where someone could mine it for material to start petty sniping.

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One more time for the hard headed(Crew21, this is not a scouting group by any stretch of the imagination, even if they are trying to recruit scouts it still does not make it a scouting organization or an affiliate of it. If they wear a scouting uniform while attending or performing any function of this whackadoo club that is a violation of official BSA policy. This is one of those groups that wants to return to the good old days of scouting with I am sure some further motives. So regi forget this group,its an insignificant group at best, and if they start infringing on BSA's trademark for their own promotion Nationals legal office will make short work of it.


Crew21- get a life already.

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I can't believe it BP.You are continuing your self righteous attack on crew21 and giving me advice on something you are clueless about.I am gathering from what I've seen so far that group is not a widely functioning BSA sanctioned group.

I also I think we can tell by what's been said so far that aside from using it as an inspiration,current group has nothing to do with the original club.

Aside from the structure and using membership as a scout credential I have no problem with them.They are all deeply involved scouts/scouters whose membership in club is based on a mutual concern about what they see as a watering down of Scouting program.

I would not call them crackpots.All the adults I've encountered are district Award of merit recipients and put an amazing amount of energy into Scouting.

I would probably not accept invitation to be member due to conflict I would feel with my positions in District and Council.I need to work within the current structure of BSA.

I'm not sure if this forum is a place for me to seek input,I'm disappointed in the animosity some members show towards others.I'm also upset that my simple question would be used as a stepping off point for these personal attacks.

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First of all I was not attacking Crew21, your initial post was not at all clear what exactly you were trying to uncover. I quoted you from Hillcourts book on BP that the original group disbanded shortly thereafter so this new group had no affiliation with BP's group at all or the BSA. Your first post "does anyone know about a group called the Scout Order of Druids" is erroneous to start with, there never has been such an organization that has had anything at all to do with scouting, even BP's group plain and simple, including this group you are alluding to, which I seriously doubt even exsists. In any case Crew21 decided to attack me and I responded that is all it was, and that is between Crew and I anyway.

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It is true that my original entry was not very detailed.

As things moved on I believe I clarified things pretty well.

Early on I pointed out that I'd done the Web search stuff and that I was looking for anyone who had encountered group directly.

It sure looked to me like you(BP) initiated the argumentative tone with Crew21.He had no problem reacting to the baiting it's true.

I may of misinterpreted what was going on and I'm sorry for that.I understand that the flavor of open forum does tend toward debate so maybe I should of put it out somewhere else.

Though this took twisted path to get there,I believe I got what I wanted.

I now know that this is not a nationally organized group.I knew it wasn't an officially sanctioned BSA group by the lack of information available online.

If it was a wide spread group I should of gotten at least one scouter on this forum to have recognized something other than vague historical reference.

I now believe this to be a local group with a philosophy they are trying to push and that it's also got a political side to it.

I can now feel pretty secure that my conversations with local leader will be addressing entire group.

These are a group of highly valuable volunteer leaders so I want to be diplomatic when dealing with them.They are major assets as individuals but I would like to see them back off of pushing group membership as a legitimate scout credential.

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The difficulty with ascertaining the motives of any group, that gathers its members from an existing organization or organizations, is what if any hidden agendas does the group have? Its far too easy to read a suspicious nature into groups we know little about. Furthermore, it should be noted that at one time the OA and Knights of Dunamis were outside the BSA, but gained such popularity that they were brought in "officially". What I see here is alot of concern without little basis in fact or contact. We are all passionate about the value and sanctity of Scouting and want to see it protected and cherished and continued in the spirit with which it has grown.

If an organization, ableit one that is not "officially" recognized or sanctioned by the BSA, seeks to support the BSA, not tear it down, not diminish it, not steal its members, but work for the betterment of it. As all the information provided by and to Regi have so far alluded. Perhaps we should be focusing on supporting and guiding their endeavors and making sure the members and leaders of said "Club" or group are following the true scouting path. The Scouting community would be far better engendering further support and assistance, than loosing yet more, as we have seen in the last few decades.

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I had some interaction with these folks this past weekend. Their intentions are good but they suffer from elitists syndrome. Most of the members are normal everyday people who only want to give service to the district(s) they serve. There are a few of the members that seem to think that since they are Druids they rest of us are low life bottom feeders (ran into a couple of situations this past weekend to validate that point). Several of them have a distain for the Order of the Arrow. At the moment, I think the overall impression they are giving off makes them look bad, and I know that is not their intent. They do have a patch that is not authorized for the scout uniform that they wear on their right sleeve.

Maybe if I knew more about the club or was a member I would have a different view, but for now I really think that they violate scouting policies in 2 ways; a) an elitist organization within the BSA, and b) A secret society within the BSA.

I know several members and I think that great scouts and scouters, but alas, do we need another service/honor society within the BSA? I currently do not believe so, but I do welcome remarks that may convience me to change my mind.

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Yes I know that Captain Stone is a member of the Scouting Order of Druids and I am not trying to incite a fight between the OA and SOD. What I was commenting on was the impression that they left on me this weekend and the impression they left on several others, both inside and outside the OA.

I think the best thing for them to promote their cause and not appear to be elitist or secretive is to produce some flyers and have a Q & A website. Like I said I am willing to have my mind changed, but the SOD needs to take some proactive steps in promoting their mission and purpose.

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