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"What I find personally is that heavy exercise suppresses my appetite."


Really? When I get done with a run I have to eat something. Preferably a nice large ham and cheese sandwich. When I don't get much exercise I find that I can't eat more than 1 meal a day, but when I get plenty of exercise I have to eat three large meal a day or I can't keep up with myself. When I eat a lot I run 5ks no problem, but when I take a break and stop eating so much I can't even run a half mile.


Now, I don't have a problem with fat people in general. What I have a problem with is stores catering to them. I have an extremely hard time buying clothes that fit. I look really stupid when I tuck my shirts in because there is so much material around the waist. It all gets bunched up at the back and looks wrong. Then there is trying to buy pants. It is really easy to buy pants that are 40/32, but if you are like me looking for a 28/32, or even a 30/32, it is impossible. I have to buy pants that are too big for me, then I have to find a belt that can hold up those pants; that is a problem in of itself.

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I still stay very active (run 25 miles a week, often more) and am in the normal BMI range. Oddly enough, for as much as I still run, age still plays a part in my sitting on a plateau of +20lbs compared to my weight 20 years ago.


What helps me keep the battle at bay is to just outright accept and make the life change that few like to do. I was raised on great, "down home" food. However, if I'm not a farmer, I'd best not eat like a farmer. Haven't had a fastfood hamburger since 1996. Doesn't make me better than anybody, it just means I make a choice to watch the fat and other nasties.


Do it long enough, it becomes as natural as wearing clothes to work. :)

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Hey, I just found this on YouTube and wanted to share it. If I was technologically savy, I would have posted a link. But that ship has sailed. Go to You tube and search for Summit Bechtel Reserve: Getting Fit for the Jamboree with Tico Perez


I think Tico Perez has lost like half his body weight since I first saw pictures of him. I was hard on him in 2009 and I have to say I am as impressed now as I was peeved then


Or go to the Scouter Dot Com Facebook page, my good friend Pierre has a link there. Good thing one of use is somewhat computer savvy(This message has been edited by oldgreyeagle)

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Very impressive.


I have the same battle and full blown Diabetes 2. I have had to lose 30 pounds in the last 3 months and have 20 to go. I have been yo-yo-ing since 6 grade so I can certainly identify. It doesn't help getting older.


I will give BSA credit. My new (mean) doctor held that health form over my head until I started heading left on that BMI chart. So I was extra motivated as I didn't want to let the boys down for Summer Camp.


My health problems have improved though naturally camp food is a problem carb-wise. (I can only manage my Blood Sugar with 150 carbs a day at 15-20 carbs at a time). At least when I do a big hike I get to eat a (little) more.


I still wish Mazzuca would set a better example. Leadership 101.

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