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let me first say that if there is already a thread for this im sorry. i searched it in the search bar and couldn't find it. however one thing i want to bring up at our leaders meeting in August is more variety in meals. when i first joined we had hot dogs, ramen noodles and foil packs a lot! i mean it got sickening. thankfully in the past 2 or 3 years we got better meals and we have come a long way but now were in a rut again doing the same old breakfast burritos, dutch oven pizzas, gyro's and Mac & Cheese w/ ham. i know there are some good meals out there we haven't tried. so please share them here.



right now i think philly cheese steaks might be good, my dad is a butcher and gives my troop a good discount and from my calculations it would be affordable.


what do you guys like?

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"Trainwreck" Jumbled mass of tangled up stuff


Polish Trainwreck


In a Dutch oven place layers like so








Add two cups of water and cook for 40-50 minutes.

The Kielbasa drips down into the other stuff and yummm!!!

We took this from a Forest Service book and renamed it. The Book was

"Camp Cooking 100 years Gibbs Smith Publisher---worth every penny.

It calls for Corn on the Cob but we don't have a really deep oven. they claim they got the method from seashore cookouts. I have had potatoes, lobster, shrimp and clams all from the same pot.




Dutch Oven Apple pie


Take yer Mama's 9" Apple Pie Recipe and put three stones in the bottom of a 12" DO. Object: get the pie off the bottom of the oven.

10 coals on bottom and 14 on top. In 45 minutes you got good eats.


Longer if it is windy.


We now make apple pie on every middle and heavy weight camping trip. No more dump cake!!!!!





Maple Apple Dumplings--We first made this at +3 degress F


A camping recipe from Hague Freezeout who adapted this from a recipe on www.inquiry.net. This tastes great. After 25 minutes check on it. Be sure somebody is there watching because you will be weak in the knees from the great smell.

Prep Time: 40 minutes


5 Granny Smith apples

20 canned biscuits (you know the rolled up paper tube kind)

2 cups water

2 sticks butter

1 cup sugar


one quarter cup real maple syrup


Cut, peel, core and slice apples into 1/8th wedges. Line Dutch oven with foil. Melt butter and mix sugar and water all together. Cut each buscuit in half and form around each individual apple wedge. Pour half of water mixture into lined Dutch oven. Put in biscuit/apples. Pour rest of water mixture over top of buscuit/apples. Drip about a quarter cup of maple syrup on top. Sprinkle with some cinnamon. Cook in Dutch oven for about 40 minutes. For 10" Dutch oven use 10 coals on bottom and 16 on top. For 12" Dutch oven use 12 coals on bottom and 18 on top. Be sure to spin the lid and rotate the oven about every 10 minutes to prevent hot spots.

Servings: 6-10

Preparation time: 40 minutes or until top is golden brown. But dont' keep peeking because you lose heat.


Simple Popcorn


Put oil in DO one kernel deep. put two or three kernels in and set lid ajar. When they pop yer oil is hot enough. add one heaping handfull of corn. Pop the corn with lid in place. Listen for popping to stop.Add salt and melted real butter to taste.


Kids raised on Microwave popcorn think this is the greatest popcorn ever, and if you never had oil popped corn it is the best you've ever had.




You can't go wrong with those four, that will get you started. When the end of the world comes I'm going to have a dutch oven in each hand.


Good luck and remember to wear your gloves when you tend the coals

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Send me an email and I will load you up with recipes. I have alot on my computer. Lots of choices. I made menu suggestion folders for our patrols as they were eating the same thing over and over. Some adult favorites are roast, potatoes, carrots, onions and lots of gravy in dutch oven, chicken and dumplings, lasagna you get the idea.



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If I email you can I also get some of your recipes. My son just crossed over to Boy Scouts and they are always trying to get the boys to venture into trying new things. My son loves cooking (gets it from his dad) and would like to have more of a variety to offer to his patrol.

Thanks Julie

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The Scout's Outdoor Cookbook is well worth the $14. This link also shows the Camp Cooking 100 years that a previous poster mentioned.



A favorite of our troop is walking tacos: crunch up individual Doritos or other corn chip bags, add ground beef/turkey and other taco toppings directly to bag. Walk and eat. This is apparently great fun. Adults usually turn this into a taco salad.

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all these ideas are good, im going to the scout shop late in August to pick up the new hand book (i think it comes out at the end of August?) when i do i may buy the cooking book.


the walking taco idea sounds great! it sounds like a fast make and a fast clean up which would work great with lunch!

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Layer Cake Stew

Serves 4 to 6, depending on the time of year and size of Scout. Prep: 20 mins.

Cook: 30 mins.

The directions may seem overly precise, but they are intended for beginning cooks.


*MINIMUM size 10 x 3 deep cast iron skillet, seasoned and oiled, or equivalent (dutch oven may be used, but do not top heat)

* Cover for skillet. High top, if possible.

*cutting board and knife

* veggie washing brush

*pancake tuner/spatula or big spoon (for serving)

*big fork



* lb. bacon, sliced 1/8 thin

* 1 lb. ground beef, lean

*1 fist size onion

* 3 fist size potatoes

*3 nice carrots

* 1 or 2 sticks celery

* salt and pepper to taste

* catsup on the side

* water, in big pot for rinsing and washing veggies.



* Prepare nice, HOT fire. HOT coals preferred. Make preparations to support HEAVY skillet over HOT fire. Cook stove may be used.

* Place skillet on table or prep area. Rub Soap on OUTSIDE and BOTTOM if using open fire.


* Bacon: COVER inside bottom of skillet with bacon. Leave no bare spots.

* Beef: Crumble ground beef evenly over bacon.

* Onion: Remove skin , cut off ends and any bad spots. Rinse. Cut in quarters and slice thick. Spread evenly over beef.

*Potatoes: Cut out eyes and bad spots. Do not peel. Scrub and wash well. Slice into slabs and spread evenly over onions. Salt and pepper to taste.

* Carrots: Cut off ends and any bad spots. Do not peel. Scrub and wash well. Cut diagonally (fancy!) thick and spread evenly over onions.

* Celery: Cut off ends and bad spots, leave leaves if green. Wash well. Cut diagonally (fancy!) into pieces (leaves too) and spread evenly over carrots. Try not to MOUND things up in the center.

* Clean up prep area. Cuttings to compost , if possible, otherwise, Leave No Trace guidelines.

**Place cover on skillet. If it sits a little on top of the stew, dont worry, itll settle down as it cooks.

**CAREFULLY lift the skillet and place on/over fire. Do not disturb for thirty (30) minutes. If there is no steam escaping after 10 minutes, the fire isnt hot enough.

*** After thirty minutes, remove from fire and lift lid. Poke potatoes with big fork. Should be soft. If not, replace cover and place back on fire for ten more minutes. Try again.

****Salivate at will. Serve with biscuits or toast and jam.



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More "Walking" Recipes


Walking Apple:

Carve out the core and innards of an apple...(as if you were going to carve a jack-o-lantern)

Fill the cavity with your choice of peanut butter OR cream cheese, AND raisins OR shelled sunflower seeds.


Walking Fruit Salad:

Toss well-drained fruit cocktail OR chopped fresh fruits with a little non-dairy topping. Scoop mixture into an ice cream cone. Go for a walk.



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Tin can breakfast is a favorite,

one tin can paper removed

pad of butter in first

then slice of canadian bacon

one egg

one slice of cheese(singles are perfect).

one can biscuit( i like the hungry jack)

cover with tin foil over the open end of the can.

Place in coals away from flame, or you will burn one side.

20 minutes and it is perfect.

Not great for backpacking as you will have to tote the can around.

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1) Fall is rolling around and it can't come too soon. My favorite DO meal is the standard stew, meat, potatoes, carrots, onions and spices BUT instead of using water, use apple cider/juice. It tenderizes the meat and gives a great flavor to everything else.


2) Browned pork ribs with jar of your favorite BBQ sauce and add a can of apple pie filling.


3) 1 doz eggs, 1# O'Brian hash browns, bacon/ham/Spam/sausage, onions and 2 C. cheddar cheese. Do up the meat to brown with the chopped onions, mix in hash browns, pour dozen eggs (beaten up) over the top, last 10 minutes of a 30 minute cook sprinkle cheese on top and allow to brown.


4) 1 doz eggs, milk, butter, vanilla, cinnamon, loaf of bread. Mix/Wisk up the eggs with milk, butter, vanilla and cinnamon like you would for french toast. Tear up the loaf in a DO and pour the mixture over the top and stir it up. We do it the night before so all the mixture gets a chance to soak up in the bread. Bake the next a.m. for half an hour or until brown on top and cooked throughout and pour a little syrup over it for DO French Toast. Quick and easy for the Sunday a.m. "retreat from Moscow" following a camporee. Prep the night before, get up do the charcoal, cook for half an hour eat clean up and wipe out the DO. This can be done in about an hour while the boys tear down their tents/flies.


5) Another great pork recipe is red cabbage kraut with chunky applesauce.


6) Another great stew idea is to leave out the potatoes, make the stew, mash the potatoes after boiling separately, put on top of the stew in shepherd's pie style, brown top before serving (a little cheese goes well too to make it look really great browned). Otherwise get a tube of bisquits to put on top of the regular stew. The boys will start drooling when the cover of the DO is taken off and all they see are those browned bisquits. And for all those troops out there that rely on Dinty Moore, I don't want to hear about it! Regular stew is SOOOOOOooooo much better and with prep in the a.m. after breakfast and kept on a low heat all day (or buried under a fire kept going all day, will produce an excellent stew with little or not fuss.


Anyone that eats pop-tarts, hot dogs or Rammen Noodles is totally wasting their time and that of the boys! I go fall camping just for the food!


Gotta go, I'm hungry now.



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