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I feel really old now. I was already married when the Poster came out.


I remember a few years ago seeing a child stand perplexed and on the verge of tears in front of a dial phone. He didn't know what to do. I was in a museum and the I saw a teenage girl looking at an old 45 and saying "so that's what they looked like".


When my son joined scouts I learned that we don't ditch tents any more. The place way out in the country where we used to hold camporees is now an urban park.


To me, nothing has changed things as much as the computer. Internet, e-mail, instant messaging, facebook and twitter all come out of this technology. I have heard it said that the fax machine brought down the Soviet Union. Digital communications will eventually bring down oppressive governments around the world. OTOH, it may turn us into a planet of babbling idiots in the process.


Oh well. I feel old.




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