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Does anyone know of a Boy Scout Funeral Ceremony?

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A recent funeral I attended included a program with a BSA cover; a Scouting biography of the Scouter; in addition to other biographical info; a display of family and Scouting photographs and her Scout awards; reminiscences (sp?) by fellow Scouters; Scouts and Scouters as pall bearers and honor guard; and a minister who was a Scout and used Scouting as references in his sermon. She was buried in her Scout uniform, wearing her Silver Beaver, with lots of chocolate to sweeten her journey.



Also, kbandit did remember right. This is from the Chaplains manual online: http://www.scouting.org/relationships/chaplains/index.html

Funeral Service for Scout or Scouter

This outline is merely a guide. The wishes of the Family and spiritual advisor take precedent.



Color Guard brings in US flag and Troop flag

Pallbearers follow

Scouts and Scouters in Uniform follow

Opening Prayer

Almighty Father, as we grieve the loss of (Name of Deceased), help us to remember his involvement with Scouting. Show us how he lived the Scout oath and law. We ask that you comfort us as we will miss his friendship and fellowship.


Pastoral Comments

(Highlights of the Deceased's life and Scouting accomplishments)


Song: "On My Honor"

Readings: (Listed below are some suggestions.)

Psalms 23:1-6

Psalms 37:5

Jeremiah 29:11

I Corinthians 15:54-57

Comments from friends.

"Scout Vespers"

Closing Benediction

"May the Great Scoutmaster of all Scouts be with us until we meet again, and may our footsteps lead unto Him."





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Yes our Honor Guard unit with in our troop helped the family of a long time scouter last month. We wanted to help the family but not stand out. The family came first. The honor guard posted guard beside the casket or scouter. We changed the guards every 15 minutes. It is the same drill the highway patrol uses in a funeral. We also posted two guards at the back of the visitation room as he had all of his scouting award, life achievements and family photos. Around the scouting awards we posted a US flag, State flag and Troop flag. We also wanted to make sure nothing disappeared for the family.


At the funeral we had the honor guard post at all the door openings to greet people. All these ceremonies were white glove. After the bag pipes were done playing. The honor guard was called to attention and marched to the casket. We then posted on each side of the scouter that had pasted away. After the closing prayer. The honor guard was called to attention and a slow scout salute was given. This lasted about 10 seconds. We then followed behind the pastor and the pallbears followed behind us. The casket then followed next. We greeted the scouter as the pallbears at the hearst. The honor guard gave the scouter a right hand solute once more as he was placed in the hearst.


The honor guard then left while the motorcade was getting ready to leave. We arrived at the gravesite to greet the scouter. Giving him a scout solute once more. Once he was placed at the graveside. The guard was on one side of the casket. The last prayer was given and then the honor guard team was called to attention for the last time. Taps was the last thing we preformed.


Our boys on the team did a perfect job as they have done several ceremonies. They didn`t miss one step or turn. The scouter would have loved it.


If anybody else has done a funeral. I would love to here your experience as well. If anyone ever does a scouting funeral. Just make sure you check with all the boys parents first. Check with the family first as well. Practice, practice, practice. Always remember. The funeral is for the scouter and family in grief.

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