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Yesterday evening I headed up to our councils summer camp for "commissioners night". While making my way from campsite to campsite checking on the troops, seeing how their weeks has been, and if they need anything I stumble across one of my Woodbadge patrol members. After a bit of chit chat he brings up the video his eagle scout son produced last year. He made it for his DE as a recruiting tool for boy scout age boys. This video has been shown at several district and council events that I have attended. I let him know that I had seen it and I really liked it. He then said that national had picked up the video, and it is on their website, http://scouting.org/Youth.aspx. The boys talking are from his troop, most of the videos are of his troop, and the pictures are taken from a several sources.(This message has been edited by click23)

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That video caught my eye the other day. I noticed that the credit said Eagle Scout but I assumed he was a grown up professional who is an Eagle (once and Eagle always an Eagle). That it is the work of a youth member is amazing. Very polished, very well edited, very professional. Great choice of music. That young man has talent and I hope he has applied to/been admitted to a first rate film school.


The link didn't work for me either. Try it without the extension and it seems to work.




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As a Scouter I say "Sweet!". I'm sold! As a parent, I would probably say nice, interesting.


It looks great for the Webelos age youth and their parents. To sell them on bridging over and not AOL and leaving at the end of their Cub Scout tenure.


It is a motivational video, and I think current Cubs and younger boys would get a kick out of it. Maybe a refresher to the 13-15 y/o's during NYLT and Troop Leadership Training.


I love this video, but the question I have... Has it been field tested to the non Boy Scout 11 y/o and their parents?


The BSA recruiting videos should be aimed at bringing in the 11 y/o boys hanging out at home, playing video games and the parent working in the office. Does this video do it? Maybe it does? I hope so! It would be sweet to see this recruiting advertisement (and similar videos) on television.



FYI... for any aspiring Cinematography Merit Badge Scouts or Arts and Hobbies Bronze Award Venturers there is a Boy's Life Join Scouting video contest.



Another FYI.

I don't know if anyone has commented on it. But an OA Lodge posted a video on youtube called "Get Your Brotherhood". It had me rolling. I think all Arrowmen should see it.



click23, Good job to that young Scout in your council. Hopefully he keeps generating some good Scouting videos!



Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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