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A longtme Scouting friend of mine is receiving the Silver Antelope, so I'm going to the luncheon on Thursday. I'll look for some of the guys that I'll be working with at NOAC and Jambo, but I won't bother checking into to too much else.


I'm not much into politics or schmoozing.(This message has been edited by Tokala)

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SSScout: No, not that one. It's in Orlando May 20-22.


You bring up an interesting point, however. There as, as far as I can find, NO information about this meeting anywhere. I searched the website and googled it.


Is this some kind of stealth proceeding? I wouldn't even know about it (in spite of the fact it's happening in my council) if I weren't invited to the Philmont Staff Assn reception and am hosting one of the participants in the meeting.


Next question will be to see if the local media even notices it while it's happening.

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These things are always under the radar. I was hoping to attend (work keeps getting in the way of Scouting, dagnabit!) as our cub award is up for approval by the religious relationships committee.

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New and exciting?




Supply had a lot of 2010 items on display that don't become available until August. One item is a 2010 Anniversary patch that's a ring to go around the World Crest. (most people don't understand that annivesary items are only to be worn during the anniversary year and taken off, so am sure many people will never take them off). They are coming out with 3 Tom Clark scout gnomes that run $200-300.


Most of the booths seemed geared to 'pushing' the new BSA (or is explaining?). They are also making a big push on protecting the 'BSA Brand' by ensuring that everyone follows the rules regarding the logos (proper use, colors, etc).


Info on World Jamboree 2011 was given, even a brochure on it.


Info on 2010 National, with info on proper formats for jamboree CSPs (no oversized ones, 4 shapes allowed, if you want to use the 2010 logo, must be a certain size and location, no jambo logo), etc.


They are rolling out a new National Youth Leadership Society (see my posting over in Venturing). Full info will go to the pros at the Top Hands meeting in August. (info was given at an elective session with no handouts...)


There is a new Scouting/Baseball promotion with Major League Baseball.


2 new merit badges will be coming out in 2010: Scuba & GPS. No work on requirements, they are being worked, but they did show the designs (who knows if those will change).


Alvin Townley has a new book on Eagle Scouts. He was there signing copies.

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