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Donation? Or Fee?

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I think this particular thread was spun as a result of my statement in the original thread about just letting the troop raise its "fair share" without having to go through the rigmarole of the FOS pitch. I'm not in favor of more mandated fees, that sets up yet another rigorous structure that we don't really need and reduces the flexibility we have to take care of less fortunate Scouts.


I don't mind FOS, we need to pay for services, insurance, etc. What I DO mind is losing time at a meeting or court of honor for a pitch that no one (in our troop) really wants to hear anyway. I'd be just as happy approaching it like a telethon. Put info up on the council website or provide it to the troop committee that explains the council's operating expenses versus income, the target goal to service X number of Scouts and let the troop committee do the math.


We're adults, we KNOW not all families can afford the average per Scout. The committee can invite a council rep if they feel a specific pitch would help with their membership.


I realize exposing income versus expense data is pretty sensitive but a lot of the problems we've seen over the past couple decades have been with so-called non-profits hiding their finances and actions. I personally think Scouting could lead the way in being open and showing people their money was going toward worthwhile efforts.

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Dynamics that can plague an organization as it matures:

- Lack of transparency (where is the money going?)

- Refusal to cut expenses when times are tight...instead, ask for more money...after all, it's the customers' problem, not the organizations'

- Headquarters staffs grow beyond the customers' ability to sustain them


Might be time to ask what we really expect, and need, from our exec staffs, local council all the way up to national.


We have some scouting historians about...how did BSA cope with the Great Depression? No doubt sacarifices were made for the good of the program.

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