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Don't feed the troll. I have filed a formal complaint about the obscene (not to mention unscoutlike!) PM he/she sent me after he posted the same in another thread. Too bad a moderator stripped it before you all could see what the whacko wrote before swearing never to return (he lies, too). I'm amazed he still has an account here. Apparently the rules of decorum for this forum no longer apply. Isn't threatening assault and battery across state lines a federal felony?

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yep i think i will start a (new world scout troop)

and all fund raising monies will be 110% invested in youth activities. But one thing for certain it won't be a part of the (good ole boys clubs)

I already got 3 parents and 8 kids intrested

just gotta draw up the laws and by-laws and get the 501 c 3


fish and or camp every 3rd week end


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