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I love this topic....


What you need to do is pull your unit away from council and district and start doing your own thing.


You don't have to do council; fund-raising, camping, events, etc.


I got really upset every time I was contacted by the "power that be" because I know all they wanted was MONEY!


My pack has for the most part pulled itself away from council and we are able to supply our youth with a better, cheaper, more enjoyable experience.


Remember "The council supports the unit, not the other way around"


Goodluck and keep you head up.

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Bayou Beaver, you have missed the point. If you follow is early postings of scorpionace, you know he is just a Committee Member and his big issue is with his SM and with the Council not somehow cracking down on his SM. So, the original issue was not that the Council was being pushy but that the Council was not involved enough or refused to insinuate itself into a unit's problems. So, if you go along with the original poster you would have to be in favor of less autonomy for the individual units, not more.


As it is, you are correct in that the troop should be able to decide to what degree it participates in district/council activities. However, like or not, you are part of your district, council, and the national organization. If you don't like what they are doing, you can choose to just withdraw, which is a good excuse to not make as much of a commitment, because then you don't have to go to training and Roundtables and won't be asked to help with camporees, pow wows, den chief training, etc. You can be less busy and can still provide a program to your boys.

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My mother makes the best cherry pie I have ever tasted. But one of my goals in life is to find the best coconut cream pie in the country. Common enough as this is, I have only found a handful which I would actually rank in the top.


Anyone know of a good place to find one?

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