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Just a generic question.


If you were doing a history of your unit what type of information would you gather and how would you present it?



Scott Truax

Wolf Den Leader

NCAC GM Dist CS Training Chair


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Intersting question. here's my $.03 worth (inflation you know)


1) Council records. I would pull a copy of every charter. that info is a goldmine, especially if you can find youth and/or leaders from the past. conduct oral history interviews, or invite them to pack BnG.


2) CO records. Again they can be a goldmine.


3) unit patches and awards. those ribbons and vet awards if you use them on your pack flag, do have a history. try and find out what they mean.


4) Old photos. A photo is truly worth a 1000 words. One of my units found a photo from 1927 when they visited the White House and met the president. they had some info on it, but looking at the photo with a magnifying glass was interesting.


5) old newspapers. I love microfiche/microfilm.


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Adding to what Eagle92 said:


* background on the founding of your unit (who worked to make it happen).


* ups and downs of the unit.


* major events that unit was involved in (for troops, their major summer trips)


* leaders over the years (for packs, who was cubmaster when, for troops, scoutmaster)


* awards received by unit (those ribbons and other things)


* major awards received by unit members (AOL, Eagle, etc. Many troops will have an Eagle plaque, if not, maybe they should).



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How about finding out...

How many boys earned the Arrow of Light

How many went on to become eagle scouts?

Any scout come back to unit with their own child?

Any former scouts become a leader?

Any really special awards earned (heroism, etc,)at time in unit or later.

A Sampling of careers or achievements of past scouts (teachers now, maybe a state rep ,etc.)

Any scouts go on to get college scholarships?

Put a call out to past pack memebers and make a history book.

My pack is celebrating it's 40th year this year.

How about former cubmasters... any become troop leaders or involced in other units/council positions?

Put an advertisement in local papers and use word of mouth and your chartered unit to "call all former scouts and leaders" to send in info on themselves or friends.

You can display by:

Making a power point using old pictures , make a poster, make a pack hostory book with stories.

I purchased a scout blanket I'm putting old patches on

You can make a shadow box with imtes collected. you cna also ask for donations of items from old members.

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Check the Council's archives.


Our Council/ OA Lodge actually had a nice leather bound book on our history published back in the early 90's. The book was a wealth of information. We found out our town chartered the first Cub Pack in the Council back in the 30's, and that I was aquainted with the first Cubmaster years later in the 80's.


Regional Scouting Archives.


Also ask Council where the Regional Scouting Archives for your area is located. Our's is at a local University. I asked my DE if she knew of any oldtimers from the District who could help me with a troop history. She had come across a site on the web by accident, and gave me the address. It turned out the be the archives department of my alma mater. It turned out the university housed the Regional Scouting Archives for our area of Ohio. Our Council's file was not big, one box with seven folders, but i found out our Troop had been charted and in existance from 1921, not the late 50's as thought by the locals.


Good luck.

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