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After all the news about greedy fat cats taking millions of dollars in bonuses.

Seeing the tens of thousands of volunteers who went to fill sand bags and help in Fargo ND.

I like to think that the ordinary, everyday people in this great country still have willing hands and do lead by the example that they set.


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Nor did their government abandon them in their time of need.

(My cousin Stephanie was sandbagging last week - her boss paid everybody who went to sandbagging instead of to work. She was torn trying to decide whether to evacuate her preschool-age daughter down here to the cities.)

Anne in Mpls

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Yah, it's important to remember that government is just us, eh? There were a lot of National Guardsmen includin' many deployed from neighboring states, and an early federal disaster declaration which opened the doors to all kinds of funding which allowed da purchase of sand and sandbags and fuel and supplies and staging relief, and will help out a lot in the aftermath. And the largest of the sandbaggin' centers was in the publicly funded stadium of da local government-run university.


Keep 'em all in your prayers, this has been a touch-and-go fight with da Red River of the North. And what's hardest to remember is that it ain't the battle to stop da flood that's the worst, eh? It's the long cleanup with the loss of houses and health issues and loss of da spring wheat crop and whatnot afterward.


Sign me proud that my tax dollars are goin' to help my neighbors in a time of need, eh? Better than everything else they've been goin' for lately.


B(This message has been edited by Beavah)

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It wasn't any accident that I opted to post this here and not in the area for political discussions.

I did see the National Guard and the Coast Guard in some of the news coverage.

However what impressed me was seeing the people of all ages working together filling and passing sand bags, trying to help their neighbors.


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