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Im rather new to the forum. Its encouraging to know that Scouting is in the very capable hands of so many people.

I started as the Tiger DL (a good place to begin), moved to Wolves DL and have recently taken on the role of ACM.

Okay now the question. The pack wants to buy new poles for our flags. The poles will be used for both parade and stanchion. What do you recommend? What should I expect to pay? Where can I find a decent state flag? Well, that was three questions.


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I just picked up a US flag, Ohio flag and a POWMIA flag.

100% US Made.




As a previous CM, I think you need to find 2 piece flag poles that are a bit shorter than the ones we use in the Troop. they are not as heavy for the cubs to carry.


6" is about right. We picked up a couple surplus white flag harnesses for cheap, that will help.


Inexpensive flag holders can be made from 2x4's & plywood painted Blue/Gold.

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Think twice about the size of Cub Scout Parade flags. The same pole/flag that is carriable by a Star Scout will be a little tall for a Bear or even an average Webelos Scout. The pole and flag that the Cub can carry in "at drag" to open the Pack meeting and post in the stand at the front of the room will generally be too big to safely carry, even with a harness, in parade. Plan on a pole no more than twice the hieght of the Cub, and a flag of like proportions, maybe 1/3 the hieght of the pole. We're talking about weight and hieght and balance and wind here.


Good Scouting to you! MiF KiS !



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SSScout great comments pole length .. something I would not have thought of, of course its been years since I last worked at the cub level though ...


There are many wonderful resources online for flags and flag parts. I found a few when we were looking to either get new poles or make poles for the Troop I was working with.



Scott Robertson




Helping leaders one resource at a time....

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Oh, one more thing occurs to me.


Patriotic sentiments aside, a really impressive sight can be a "massed" flag group in a parade. Get together with some more Cub Packs (and Scout Troops?), work to get many US and State and Troop and Pack flags together, make them Scout size appropriate, and work to get a sizable contingent together. Think of the possibilities, yes?



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