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I figured the Title would get your attention. :)


I have an odd situation. I was approached by one of our town Trustees, who told me that the town is preparing next years budget, and in doing so they realized that they have money left in the donation budget. Apparently they allocate some funds for groups that ask for donations throughout the year. He said that if I were to make a presentation on a need that the Scouts have, we would likely get a donation of up to $300.00.


Here's the thing - I don't really NEED the money for anything. Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy to have the money in our account, but they're looking for something tangible - something I can physically hold and say "this will help our Scouts because..."


We have a very small group of boys - 16. Most (if not all) of them have their own camping gear and whatnot. We just got a new pinewood derby track 2 years ago.


Any thoughts of something that we might ask for? I should also point out that I'm very new to Scouting (I just became our Pack Committee Chair when no one else would), so I can't really anticipate needs well yet.


I know, I'm sure you all wish you had my problems. =)

Thanks in advance!

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The first thing that I could look at would be creating camperships for Cub Scout Day Camp. I'm sure you could come up with a good presentation about why Cub Scout Day Camp would benefit your scouts and I'm also sure that the parents, especially in this economic situation, would appreciate a discount on Day Camp.

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THAT is an excellent idea! We're really encouraging Day Camps this year, and footing some of the bill would be a great incentive. It's not tangible, but you're right, I think they could be shown the benefit.


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The "Use it or lose it" Budget item can be a real pain!

We know if we don't use the money? Chances are that "They" will cut us next year or not ask us next year.

I kinda think? Please correct me if I'm wrong that these good people want to be able to stand back and say we bought the Cub Scouts ... such and such an item.

Of course I don't know what the Pack might need?


A laptop computer? (Could be used for training's?)

A sound system for out door and indoor pack meetings?

Games equipment?

Something that both the Pack and the CO might be able to use. (Basket Ball nets?)

I think if you think outside of the box you might be able to come up with something?


Equipement that might enable you to invite physically challenged youth to your meetings?

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1) New Pack Flag

2) New American Flag

3) Updated PackMaster Software

4) Printer for pack documents

5) Craft Tools and Supplises

6) Ceremonial Equipment

7) Scout Uniforms for those that can't afford them

8) Supplises for your Next Fundraiser

9) Handbooks for your scouts

10) Cub Scout Leader Book for each committee member and Den Leader

11) Cub Scout Songbook for each Den Leader

12) Den Meeting in a Box for each den

13) Emergency First Aide Pocket Guide for each 5th Grade Webelos Leader for use on Campouts

14) Cub Scout Leader How To Book for each Den Leader

15) It Happened to Me Youth Protection DVD


What I would really do is email your Den Leaders and Cubmaster tonight and ask them to email you the 1 thing that would most help their program.

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You brought up an interesting subject. We were told by our council that the boys must earn their mony. We cannot go and ask for donations except for FOS. All donations must go to council but can be designated for our pack. Money is what may be destroying our pack as we do not have any. The parents (and me) are paying for all right now. Some parents belong to other orginizations that wish to help but we must ask for it. Now council says we cannot ask except to collect for council. Has anyone else run into this? How do we develop a pack with no money and few (tigers age) boys? They are a bit young for most fundraisers and it is a long time till popcorn (whole 'nother problem).

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Why don't you encourage your council to make a request for community FOS donations?


Firekat: Be careful here. Our council also requires that non-council fundraisers be approved, which much of the time is fairly simple (fill out the paperwork and be adamant). On the other hand, our council will NEVER earmark donations for specific units and in fact, has in the past held on to such donations for themselves. That has occasionally caused some hard feelings, but the council claims that for tax reasons, they cannot and will not distribute donations downward to units (because the council does not own the units). The council also does not appreciate it when units hit up local businesses and groups that the council solicits for FOS donations though, and they won't approve unit fundraisers that are based on that sort of a plan. Bottom line - be really clear about your council's assumptions and expectations regarding any donations that go through them to your unit!(This message has been edited by lisabob)

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Follow-on to Lisa:


A legitimate way for folks to earmark monies to units is to have a business meeting with the Chartered Partner. Offer the donation to them, to be earmarked for and passed along to the Scout unit.


The money stops in the non-profit enroute the unit.

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Lisa and John and Firecat have the answers (1) The council CANNOT ask for donations for anything else but the Council. Don't expect the 'trickledown'. (2) You can make the request to the Town Council on behalf of your Pack for whatever use (camperships, new equipment, whatever) but make sure it is accepted by your CO on your Pack's behalf. (3) Make sure it is clear to all in your presentation that your pack is open to all, without distinction of faith or other allegiance (some Scout units do make such distinctions). This will give you more credence in the eyes of the politicos. (4) Be sure, whether you receive the 'grant' or not, that you do a "good turn" some how for City Hall. Flower bed maintenance, color guard duty for Council Meeting, bird house construction, something. Keep your Pack out there in the public eye. The PR can't hurt. Good Scouting to you and thank you for the stuff you do for our kids.


Story: As FAEE for the CSDC, I was approached by a Souter BoD member of a local business. He said they were lining up their charitable donations for the year. He had heard we had problems with the fee charged by the Park Dept. for our use of the Park for the CSDC. Could they take care of that for us? I said SURE! We went thru the Council bureacracy about the company covering the Park Fee (about $3000.). The Council said they would gladly accept a FoS donation and then earmark that for our CSDC. Ultimately, I was told the company decided they could not foot the whole of the bill and made a smaller donation, noted "for XYZ District CSDC Park Rental Fee". We never saw mention of it on our balance sheet. CSDC still came out in the black, tho.

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but the council claims that for tax reasons, they cannot and will not distribute donations downward to units (because the council does not own the units)


Yah, maybe it's just a peeve of mine, but I just really dislike it when people make up some pseudo-legal balderdash in order to justify an action that they're takin' because that's just what they want to do. That's what most of da rest of us call lying.


Of course da council can accept donations earmarked for units that they don't own, eh? What do they think the United Way (or any community foundation, or...) does with donations earmarked for da council? And if they're "holding donations for themselves" that a donor designated for a specific unit, they are violatin' both the law and the cardinal ethical principle of NFP charitable entities. And probably committin' fraud to boot.


But, as we see, the behaviors of local councils do not always live up to da Scout Oath & Law. Generally, it's better to do what John-in-KC suggests and accept the donation on behalf of the CO. Or if they're buyin' you somethin', have them buy it and give you the property rather than the money. ;)




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Beavah, I am not qualified in tax law to determine whether or not what my council says is accurate. I do know that's what they have told me, and on at least one occasion, done to units I have been associated with.

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Take the money, say "Thank you very much", and use it to benefit your boys. Don't get all legal. This is not a fundraiser that needs to be approved. It is a concerned citizen or group making a donation.

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Wrong answer, Sir!! You, who are near the Chicago Area Council, should understand the challenges of getting the money right more than most.


Do not put your Chartered Partner at risk. Federal/State charitable/non-profit status doesn't mean they avoid the tax radar, it means they don't pay on the parts of their operations so designatred.


Do not put your own BSA membership at risk. I've seen Councils strip membership for less.


Do the right things, because they are the right things. The added advantage is you eliminate the risk to your Chartered Partner and your own membership.


I'm glad my Dad was a CPA.

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