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new to this forum (tenderfoot you might say) recievede a email from the forum and clicked on the link and now im in and don't know what to do to read replys etc help please lmanss@aol.com

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Welcome, bksct. I find the easiest thing is to just click on "Today's Active Topics" at the top, and then bookmark it. That gives you the items that were active in the last 24 hours. YOu can go through the old topics at your leisure. Grab a cuppa coffee and join in! The only rule is "be nice" and no advertising! We do get passionate sometimes and have to be reminded on the Scout Law, but it's mostly all fun. The "Issues and Politics" section is for political and controversial things, but you can ignore that if you want.

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Hi and Welcome.

Thanks for turning off the Caps!!

I'm not sure what sort of help you need?


I used to X the box that reads "Do you wish to be notified via email when there is a reply to this thread"

But I don't any more.

A couple of times it went crazy!! I ended up with 200 emails all because one member (Hi Dave Steele) had replied.

Just recently someone brought up a very old thread (From about five years back.) Again I started getting all the emails.

I found the best thing to do is just visit, log in and participate in the threads that interest you.

If you need any more help? Feel free to click on the "Send Private Message" And I'll be more than glad to try and help.


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Please don't feel bad or worry about being new.

I think I can put my hand on my heart when I say that right now we have a really great group of forum members, who really do reach out and try to help each other.

That isn't to say that at times there isn't lively exchanges.

So o fill your cup /glass or whatever and join the fun.


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Welcome to the forum! I tend to use the X to subscribe to threads and then, if they don't peter out before my interest does, I use the X to unsubscribe.


If you know how to add Favorites, you might consider adding scouter.com as a Favorite - that will make it easier to get back.



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