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I need help - I cannot stop thinking about stuff

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This has been quite a prolific weekend for me on the forum. I don't think I've ever spent so much time reading or posting. My name has not appeared on the frequent poster list, which makes me wonder how much time those folks spend here.


I think I need help. My sleep patterns are currently in disruption so I have a great amount of time in the wee hours of the night. Usually I spend them watching CSPAN or reading. This weekend, though, I just can't keep off the Scouter Forum. Sure, I log off and go on to something else, but thoughts of Scouting keep popping into my head. No one at home to discuss these thoughts with. Even if they were home, no one else is ever up at 3:00 am.


I promise, I really do have other interests besides Scouting. Hard to tell though. Just the presence of this pointless post shows I've been acting like a junkie looking for a fix. At least this fix is harmless...well, at least for me it is, maybe not for those of you that opened and read this.


Admission is the first step toward overcoming an addiction, right? Here goes. Hello, my name is Gwd-scouter and I'm...


CSPAN is calling, but I'll probably be back.



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Yah, you're doomed, eh? ;)


There is somethin' pleasant about "checkin' in" on folks doin' work with kids and the outdoors when takin' a break from whatever silliness is happenin' to us at work, eh?


And honestly, da best Scouters I know are always thinkin' about it and comin' up with ideas and having great insights about how to reach a particular kid when they're steppin' out of the shower.


So consider it a virtue, eh? And a blessing. It's a great gift to have a chance to do somethin' you love for and with others, somethin' that you can really engage in with joy and deep interest.


Yah, that's it. Of course, every junkie comes up with his/her justifications. ;)




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I know exactly what you mean. Random thoughts just pop into your head at the strangest times. I have resorted to keeping a pad of paper and pen on my nightstand so when I think of something in the middle of the night I write a note so I don't forget. I don't know if that is dedication or just old age creeping in?

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ok gwd, you took the first step. But the "official" 2nd and 3rd steps involve a Higher Power. And when this group gets to talkin' religion it's sort of like trading pure cocaine for meth cooked in someones bathtub. And we just become enablers to your addiction. To effectively beat an addiction, one approach is to find different "playgrounds and playmates."


So, I guess my advice is to surrender and embrace the sickness.

And pray your computer never crashes!!

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Well... thinking about Scouts and talking about Scouts on this forum is one thing, but how do you show it? How many have a Scouting bumper sticker? Or more than one? How about a BSA license plate? How do you show the world you're proud to be a Scouter?

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And ohhhh that one hour a week for therapy. Oops, I mean on Monday night, for the troop meeting,

one hour one Thursday from Sept. to Feb. for the Rel. Emb. program,

One hour the second Fri. Morning for R&M

One hour the second Wed. for RT

One hour on the third Thur. for LEC

ONe hour quarterly for the DCCS


I tell my wife at least I'm not falling off a a barstool somewhere trying to hit one someone. And everything else I'm involved with outside of scouting, has some crazy tie back into scouting.


It's only a dream. It's only a dream. It's only a dream. AAARGGHHH

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How do I show the outside world? I have a BSA sticker and Proud of my Eagle Scout sticker on my car. My green BSA bag travels with me wherever I go and is often seen in my office. Walls of my office are covered with plaques from awards I've received. Wallpaper on my office computer is a picture of my sons in their OA regalia. Timeless values bumper sticker on one of my file cabinets. Oh my, it is a sickness.


The Scouter Forum has reached my family members, too. Older son introduced himself here a while ago, but I don't think he visits often. Husband is very familiar with some of the screen names here, he even met one of you last summer. When younger son sees me at the computer, he always asks what's up on the forum.


My three men thought it was hilarious when I mentioned this post and that resistance is futile and I would be assimilated. They believe I already have been.

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I'm there.


Meeting is usually tonight but we had a trip to the Rotary Club observatory scheduled for tonight that got moved to tomorrow night due to the weather... except I'm out of town tomorrow on business, which means no scout meeting this week for me.


I'm depressed.


That means all work an no play for CA_Scouter this week. Boohoo.....



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