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What goes on at the troop meetings

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Every troop is a bit different, as stated. There is the program guide - and most try to follow a part of it.


We start with the pre-meeting, during which boys are usually tracking down various adult leaders for information, chatting, etc. SPL is assigning honor patrol for opening ceremonies at this time (or his ASPL if he is still at athletics).

Opening ceremonies (flags, pledge, oath, law, and outdoor code are recited at our troop).

Skills - Trail to First Class (Camporee Prep right now) plus some of our Merit Badge Counselors will offer to meet with Scouts during this time.

Games / Campout Prep / Quartermaster assistance

Service to the Church (we prep the room for the Church's weekly activities as part of our service to the Church / rent)

Closing announcements

Scoutmaster's minute

Benediction from the Chaplain's Aide.

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Nike asked if it's all about Eagle for my son. No, it's not. He and the rest of the Webelos den crossed over in February. They love getting together at the troop meetings. I think they are oblivious to the requirements and what it takes to advance. The troop master leads having the older boys work on the tenderfoot requirements with the new patrol. No one is obsessed with hammering through requirements make the next (first) rank.


As Webelos, we were able to go to some of the district camporees and the boys have camped with the troop before. I think that right now, the fun part is feeling like one of the big kids. Suddenly, they all appear to have a little more maturity or swagger.(This message has been edited by LongDistanceHiker)

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