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Patrol Name Reality Check

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Yah, BasementDweller, that gives a whole new meanin' to the Gilwell song, eh?


I used to be a Beaver, and a good ol' beaver too!

Now I'm finished beavering I don't know what to do!

I'm growning old and feeble, and I can beaver no more

So I'm going to work my ticket if I can.


Back to Gilwell, happy land....


Yah, if da kids only knew... :)


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Yep, at that point in life, a young man thinks a lot about that sort of thing. This was before explorers or we didn't have an explorer/venture crew.


Our patrol flag was not permitted, by our council, to be used at the national jamboree.


Glad you saw the humor in it Beavah.

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I was very confused until OGE's third post or so. You Americans don't use an 'r' as we do for the word that offened OGE and from my perspective 'rassler' was pretty inocuous. If the 'a' came first I would have gotten the point at the start.


Young men of the age we serve do not, in my experience, make those sorts of connections. They mock but less cynically. I would think they were as disgusted as you are yourself OGE.


And for what it is worth I understand the upset - being a foster carer has brought these issues into my home more than once. The fall out is / can be awful. Not just for those directly involved but possibly for people this young man has not yet met or even for people not yet born. Certainly I have recieved and witnessed the rage and confusion at first hand. We can get a bit overwhelmed by all that and see connections in nearly anything.

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I did have to draw a line at Blood Reign.


The number of possible cheers with double entendres for the Beaver patrol is nearly limitless. Not just the name itself, but tail, dam and wood also come into play.


I'm betting a very amusing song could be made from The Happy Wanderer: "I love to go a beavering..."

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As a Scout in the mid 70's, the "Leadership Corps" of our troop was informally named the "Moon Patrol". Sometimes amid our late night mischief, there were six or seven pale moons shining at one time. But I think nearly every member made Eagle. And I think we all became productive, responsible citizens!


Today my son is Patrol Leader for the Square Root Patrol. Our other patrol is Patrol X. Go figure.

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I've come down on one patrol for their naming... they first tried the 'Narcissistic Patrol', then the 'Utterly Confused Patrol'. Though I'm ok with having some fun with the names ( we've had the Lost Patrol, Neutral Patrol ) their cynicism was too much for me this time. I've got a couple of older scouts who are becoming a challenge in the Scout Spirit department and I see it having a detrimental effect on the younger scouts. We've had a conversation and they seem to understand my concerns so we'll see what they come up with tonight...



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At least they know what Trojans are, that knowledge might help them to "Be Prepared" in later life. I'd hate to think what the patrol cheer would be. What if you had a Trojan AND a Beaver patrol in the same troop? They could SO get thrown out of camp.



Your troop seems to love math. How about a Pi patrol? Lots of potential for patrol cheers but I would go with "Hmmmm, Pi"


Its a personal project of mine

A new value for pi to assign

I'd set it at three

It's much easier you see

Than 3.14159



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OGE, was the man a unit leader in the unit who's patrol won the Klondike Derby ans was the boy part of the patrol? IF so, I found the name interesting. In the gay world, a "bear" is a chubby, hairy homosexual man. That gives "bear rassler" a whole new meaning.

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Engineer cheer:


"E to the x, d y d x, E to the x, d x.

Secant, tangent, cosine, sine,


Square root, cube root, BTU,

Slipstick, slide rule, YEAH PURDUE!


"What's a phonograph, daddy?"



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I've had names suggested at JLTC and NYLT that I would not approve. The patrols all start with a color as designated by the t-shirts that they are given upon check-in. They are referred to as the "red patrol", "blue patrol", etc. They have 1 day to chose a name. Most work the color into their proposal. I turned down "red retards" and a few others over the years. For some reason the patrol that ended up with red shirts was always the one with discpline problems. We stopped handing out red shirts because it seemed to be more than a coincidence. I also avoided colors that the Scouts would be embarrassed to wear.

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OGE - as I stated in the post about scouts using the F-word... seems in todays' society we are always LOOKING for some reason to be offended.


Basementdweller beat me to it on the Beaver Patrol. I was in the Beaver Patrol as a scout and we abruptly got asked to change the patrol name (changed to Vikings for some reason) after one stint at summer camp when we began refering to ourselves as the 'naked beaver patrol'.


It really was harmless fun. The nickname was given because two kids in the patrol when skinny dipping in the canoe lake on a dare from another Troop. Those of us involved at the time had NO idea what a "naked beaver" was... we just thought it was funny.


It was the well intended, yet misguided adults that ensured all in the patrol got more of a sex-ed class at summer camp than our parents bargined for.


I can't imagine the troop with the math folks in it... the "Pi" patrol, really ?!?! I can imagine a nice patrol pacth with a likeness of Einstein on it.... Patrol Cheer... "Hair Pi, Hair Pi, Hair Pi" !! That'll go over well :)

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Because of scouts aging out and no crossovers this year the PLC decided we need to reform patrols because they were tired of camping with 3 or less to a patrol on most campouts. Our troop policy is that you can use any patrol name you want as long as it is approved by the SPL (As in all things the Scoutmaster always has the right to veto anything but rarely ever needs to use it) and a patrol patch can be acquired from the Scout Shop. Too many promises to get custom patrol patches without any follow through.


So we used to have Flying Tigers, American Eagles, Black Hawks (Their flag had a Black Hawk Helicopter on it) and La Coste (a play on the designer who came up with the Izod name, they used the alligator patch)


For new names we have are the Magical Moose and the Buffalo Soldiers. There was a bit of stir about the Buffalo Soldiers initially. We live in rural Ohio and we are an all white troop. Disclaimer: There is no exclusion going on it is just the make up of our community and any boy is welcome in our troop.


The Scoutmaster sat down with the patrol and explained to them who the Buffalo Soldiers were. I learned quite a bit while I was listening in. He explained to them that they could use the name as long as they treated it with the respect it deserved.


The patrol decided unanimously to keep the name. I believe the boys take even more pride in the name because it has a proud history.

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Our Troop presently has: The Flaming Knights...the Rocks...the Godzillas...and our yet to find its name New Scout Patrol.


The Rocks very nearly were "The Hairball Coyotes"...the patrol yell was to be a howling followed immediately by hacking coughs. Why "Rocks' beat this one I'll never know.


We've also had "the Pallidins of the Flame"...whom the then SPL refered to as "people on fire".



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