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Parents want a crossing over ceremony but not joining a Troop

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I wouldn't have a problem letting them "crossover" and would welcome then to give the troop a try. I've had this happen before. Most of the time the boy never really joins and participates but a few have stuck with it and the program. I alway bring some extra swag to the crossovers in case we have any last minute converts...


Way bak when I was a Webelos leader, we used to do the crossover separate from the AOL as well. Is it just me or are some of these crossovers coming earlier and earlier. It used to be April or May but we are getting Webelos wanted to join in January now..


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I'm not sure exactly when the change happened, but years ago the Webelos program was optimized for finishing AoL by February, the traditional time for Blue and Gold Banquets (the Birthday of Scouting). It's been a more modern change where Cub Scout packs, at least in our town, operate on a school-year cycle and then treat the B&G as an end of year awards ceremony.


My youngest, because of his age, was able to finish both the Webelos Badge and the Arrow of Light just since this last September. It's not that unusual to "compress" the advancement schedule in this way. He's motivated kid, and is anxious to move on. Mentally, I think he's outgrown being with Cubs.



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Our feeder Cub Pack does it's B&G in February, AOL Ceremony in mid-April, and a separate Crossover to the Troop in late April. This seems to work great. We have a Troop/AOL camping trip in early April, which allows the Weebs & parents to meet the Troop and have a fun camp out in what is usually fairly comfortable weather. The full crossover is at the end of April. The new Scouts can go camping with the Troop in May and June - two easy and comfortable camp outs, and then go to summer camp with the Troop in July. By July they are ready and psyched for summer camp and can fully participate in the First Year Camper Program.

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Hey, this is a GREAT opportunity for the Troop to get 2 more scouts! We just did three cross-overs at different packs. At two of them, they had boys who "didn't want to be boy scouts", which after 12 years as an SM I know means "mom & dad think that with soccer, sports, school, etc. johnnie won't have time - Mom won't have time to get to another activity". ANYWAY...

We always accept these guys over the bridge, give them their loops (our scouts put them on the boy) and then shake their hands, get them off to talk with the other cross-overs and our scouts and PRESTO CHANGO we have a high percentage of this crossing-but-not-crossing boys decide that regardless of mom's preferences, they want to stay with their buddies and go to a scout meeting. One meeting, and they're hooked. Have fun. If it ain't fun, it ain't scouts.



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