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Which way should a tent opening face?

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I have known scouts that did not even take one step. The tent zipper is opened just enough to get the job done. I did not realize this was happenning until one winter campout and noticed the evidence in the snow. Seems they did not want to leave a warm tent.

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(Hear Barney Fife)

All ya have to do you see, is find where the fellows before you camped and then you and your buudy snap your shelter half together and lay it over where he's already dug the trench you see. And since your not digging another trench not only is your tent oriented correctly but you're avoiding damaging nature. And Betty Lou would say that was a good thing.

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Ed has the right idea. I would only add to have a firm grip on the tent flap. You don't want it blowing closed mid stream, so to speak. We had that happen a couple winters back. Of course the sleeping bag closest to he door never belongs to the guy standing in the door.


I always understood that Nalgene makes square bottles so you can tell in and out in the dark.

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We used tarps for years, so I have not idea what direction is best. We had our tents facing all sorts of directions, mostly towards the campfire.


When I was on camp staff, one of the kitchen workers would wiz in front of his buddy's tent. His buddy would get up, barefoot, and roll up his tent flaps. He would often mention that the "dew was really heavy that night." RD

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Tarp tent 10x10 or preferred 12x12. Diamond set up. Put back (slant) toward prevailing wind (NW). Pile leaves up around bottom edges to block wind coming in. Tie mid tie-offs out to other trees to pick up roof. Pick up twigs and rocks from sleeping surface. Put down plastic sheet (old shower curtain) for ground cloth. Spread out bedroll, head up hill if possible, side wise if not. Zipper to center of tent. Jostle with tent mate, who is doing the same. Check tent edge drip clearance. Cover up backpack against dew/rain, outside leaves more room inside/under. After going to sleep, slooooowly slide out of tent due to slant of ground and slippery ground cloth. Grumble, get up, find big rock, put against bottom of sleeping bag, slide back into tent, go back to sllleeeeep.

Thunder and lightning. Down pour. Tent mate wakes up too. Both pull sleep bags further into tent, pull ground cloths back into tent, pull big rock further into tent. Assume fetal positions, try to get back to sleep.

Rain abates. (probably didn't know that word back then). Sleep alittle.

Sunup. Rain has passed. We are the driest of our Patrol, but what's wet will dry out.


What's a door?


On my first overnight with the Troop as an ASM, I was surprised by the number of Scouts that mentioned "that's cool" looking at my low pitched tarp tent setup. And my son's Troop issue 'umbrella' tent that went rolling across the field when the wind picked up because they hadn't staked it down yet, taking inside sleeping bags and gear with it. Run, run Rudolph, Scouts have got to catch them a tent! Tarp just sort of rattled.






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