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New Indiana Scouter

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I''m new to Scouter, but not to scouting. I''ve been a leader for 16 years. Our Girl Scout Council is undergoing realignment right now and things are kind of tough.


I hope to make some friends, and get some ideas and inspiration.

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Hi Jayne,

I''m new on this board as well, so let me welcome you. Although things are very different over here, the board has been a great source of information and inspiration for me so far. I''m sure you will like it here.


best regards,


SM, Troop Frederick Selous

Oberpleis, Germany

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Regarding realignment, if anyone can tell me a way to reconcile the people saying, "We''ve never done it that way!" with the people saying, "That''s the way we''ve always done it!" I''d be thrilled.


These realignments don''t always go as smoothly as they''d like. I know. We went through a service unit realignment not long ago, too.


People (in my opinion) just need to keep saying, "It''s not about me...it''s not about me..." until everything is over.


What do you all think? Anyone been through this sort of thing?

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Well, It''s not about me, but how about we all get a cup of coffee and think about it some more....


That I think is part of the key, realizing that realignment is the perfect time to institute change for things that work better - but to make the argument they have to be measurably better - proven somewhere else for the folks who are comfortable with doing it the way they have always done things to buy in to the change - and some will never buy in anyway, and those will continue to butt in.


So you''ll never really hear the end about the changes you make so the issue is then is the change you are making good enough to make it worth hearing about the way it used to be done until those adults are gone? (I AM KING OF THE RUN-ON SENTENCE):) I know... sigh, I''ll try to do better...

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