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Topic: URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: My Church Pastor’s Wife

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This is not a Scouting topic (although I am going with the 12th Law and the part of duty to God). I need some help on this. Please read the post.


URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: My Church Pastor's wife (Tina Reed of Bicknell, IN-Bicknell First Wesleyan Church) found out today that she has some cancer (melanoma) spots on her leg. She has been battling this for the last four years.


Right now, I am worried about this.


We need a prayer chain started with this. Please pray for my Church and pray for her.

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Melanoma is not a death sentence if caught early. My wife and her sister have both had it, and so far, so good. Anyone who spent time in the sun before the days of sunscreen (like most of us old Scouts) should have a skin check by a dermatologist.

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Here is the progress report...


Since the time I posted the message, her oncologist was concerned with some spots found in her lymph nodes and her spine.


This past Wednesday, she had another cat scan done in Indianapolis. Later that day, her oncologist gave her a report that the areas of concerned are gone. With prayers, she is doing better.


Thank you for your prayers for her and keep praying that this will not return.

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