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BSA not allowing scouts to ring bells for Salvation Army

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Why has BSA said that Scouts cannot ring bells for the Salvation Army? What do they find offensive and not what they want the BSA to represent? See http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34427.pdf


7. Will the fund-raising project avoid soliciting

money or gifts?

The BSA Rules and Regulations state, Youth

members shall not be permitted to serve as solicitors

of money for their chartered organizations, for the

local council, or in support of other organizations.

Adult and youth members shall not be permitted

to serve as solicitors of money in support of

personal or unit participation in local, national, or

international events.

For example: Scouts and leaders should not identify

themselves as Scouts or as a troop participate

in the Salvation Armys Christmas Bell Ringing

program. This would be raising money for another



What is wrong with helping the Salvation Army who do many good things during disasters? I cannot get any answers as to why this policy exists from local council people. How should we explain the BSA policy to people if asked as many scouts in our area have been doing this for many years and their non-participation would be noticed? Does anyone know the official reason for this policy? Does anyone else think this should be changed?


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I think the rule explains itself. Scouts can't serve as solicitors of money for other organizations... all other organizations, no matter how worthwhile, not even if it is the the chartering organization. I don't think they have anything against the Salvation Army (at least I hope not-I think that the Salvation Army charters scout units) but they probably picked it because it is an example that everybody would be familiar with.

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With millions of people having access to the uniforms of the BSA you have to have some way to protect the image of scouting from being misused. To that end the BSA prohibits the use of scouts or scouters IN UNIFORM from soliciting for other organizations. Nothing keeps the scout or scouter from volunteering to help anyone or ringing bells for the Salvation Army. The BSA justs instructs that there is no need to tie the BSA to the actuivity. Do it as a good citizen. You know you are a scout, there is no need for you to advertise it to others. You are there for the Salvation Army not for Scouting.







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Our pack and troop has rang, proudly in uniform and with Council knowledge, for Salvation Army for as long as I can remember. No complaints, just community gratitude.


Wanna complain, then we are just scouts singing and ringing a bell. We start at Thanksgiving on thru Dec 23, no matter the weather. We neither collect money nor touch the kettle. People just put money in the kettle and a Salvation Army rep picks it up.


This is what scouts do - we help other people.


Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Goodwill.

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You are not alone Schiff, lots of folks do things they are not supposed to do. The only difference is as Scoutleaders we are supposed to be setting a different example.


You had a choice of helping the Salvation Army without violating BSA policies. You simply chose not to. The Scouts probably are not even aware that they are doing anything wrong. They probably counted on you to guide them according to the rules of the program. After all they would be just as proud about helping others and have just as much fun without wearing the uniform. Go figure.

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If BSA is so concerned about how their uniform is used they should do something about the new fad. Go to any photo sharing site and look up "cub scout" uniform. Watch what you get. If your filters are off, make sure no kids can see. It disgusts me!

Also, try eBay on cub uniform shirts - I think those are inaproprate models some places use. They also end up selling for way too much.

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I tried to find an email address that I might send the link to but I could not find one. Just their snail mail. I figured someone their must know since this has been going on for quite some time. They do not have easy ways of contacting them. I had a more important subject I need info on and could not get it from Nat'l - had to go to a non- offical site to get the needed paperwork (disability info)

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And when the uniform is misused the BSA's lawyers are likely to send a cease and desist order to the offending party. Of course with the internet it may be difficult to find and serve the copyright violators.


BSA did go after the vocal group Destiny's Child for appearing for in somewhat altered Boy Scout uniforms. See http://www.mninter.net/~blkeagle/celebs.htm for an article. Warning, the offending picture is part of the article so if you don't want to see it don't click.


I guess (I am not a lawyer so I don't know) that if the BSA sanctioned the use of scout uniforms for fund raising for other groups then it would weaken their standing to object to this sort of misuse.

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Okay so you didn't inform the BSA yet. Here is there Phone Number. They should be open tomorrow. When you call tell the operator you are concerned about some inappropriate use of the Scouting uniform on the internet as well as website using the Cub Scout nasme that is inappropriate and you would like to report it. They will put you in touch with the right office.


I found this number by entering Boy Scout National office phone number into google. It was the first site returned.


972-580-2000(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Have you ever tried to read someone an URL over the phone?? I have and will not do it again. Why is there not any email to nat'l? It would be easy to send the URLs by email. Besides, that is long distance - why do you think I was trying to find used cub shirts? Money is tight. I do not wish to spend a long time on the phone being redirected till someone can deal with it, then try to get a long URL across. If they set up email for reporting, then I will. I have enough to do trying to get the right answers for a special needs boy who wants to get his Eagle. Nat'ls info is much lacking in that area. Thank goodness I have found others who would help. I have been waiting on a reply on that application for months now. I would rather spend my time on the boys that trying to report misuse of their trademark if they make it too hard to get in contact with Nat'l. They need to join the 21st century.

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