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Vote for the Little Sioux Scout Ranch Tornado Scouts - Voting ends today!

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The Boy Scouts involved in the Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado have been nominated for beliefnets "Most Inspiring Person of the Year" award.


"After a tornado ripped through their camp near Blencoe, Iowa, last June, dozens of Boy Scouts, ages 13 to 18, performed bravely and selflessly. As their fellow scouts lay bleeding and emergency workers struggled to reach their remote camp, these teenagers dug survivors from the rubble, performed first aid, and comforted the injured.


The Boy Scouts who survived the tornado and those who did not are nominated as Beliefnets Most Inspiring People of the Year for refusing to give in to self-pity, fear, or panic in the chaos of a great disaster."


There are 10 nominees for this award, and the Scouts have a real chance to win. As I write this post, the Boy Scouts are in second place with 26% of the votes, the winner only has 27%.


To vote for the Boy Scouts as the most inspiring, visit:


Voting ends today December 4th! You must vote today!


The winner of this award receives a donation to the charity of their choice.


You can read a letter from the Chief Scout Executive about the Award Nomination:



Please vote today!


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Well voting closed. I believe the Scouts were in the lead 28% to 27% when voting ended.


I feel had. Instead of us voting for the winner, we were really voting for the top three. The winner will be selected by the editors of beliefnet.


"Your top three picks are our most Inspiring finalists. As we do every year, the editors of Beliefnet will now make the final choice. Come back December 10 to see who won!"


The Boy Scouts did make the top three along with, Randy Pausch and Steven Curtis Chapman.


We will see...

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Thanks for alerting us to this, Missing Arrow. I voted, apparently in the nick of time too. Many of the stories of others on the list were also inspiring (and Randy Pausch's "Last Lecture" is really worth paying attention to as well imho) but I can't say that any really topped the boy scouts, in that here we had children stepping up and being heroes. That's hard enough for adults! Whether they are selected or not, those boys really exemplified what it means to be a scout.

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