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Why don't you make one? They can't be all that hard. 60" wide fabric running front awning to rear ground doubled (10' wide) and then two side panels. A little sewing, a grommet maker and a few 2"X2" poles a little rope and there ya go. Any color you want it to be. Sew in a few ties and you can even close it up in bad weather. I bet you can put one together for under $40.



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Oh yeaaaaah. Its called a "Lean Shelter" and made by Cooke Custom Sewing in the USA.




Note that it is made of silicone-impregnated nylon for light weight, is floorless to minimize weight & maximize flexibility, and that it is available with and without mosquito netting.


It does not come with poles as the intent is to minimize weight, so they designed them to be hung from nearby trees and such. CCS does sell poles for it though.


The awning is made wider at the outside so that in bad weather it can be lowered so it leaves a ventilation gap & entry-way, but still provides good weather potection.


I've been looking at getting one myself, but need to wait until less "uncertain" times.


BTW, their Tundra Tarp is considered by many to be one of the best tarps available.

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