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"Apparently, using the dishwasher to clean muddy tent-pegs is a big no-no"

Only if Her Who Must Be Obeyed finds outs!

Bribing the kid seems like a good idea. - But that will also land you in the dog house.


But come to think of it.

I have said that if ever I come back (Once my time is up!) That I want to come back as my boss or one of my dogs.

So maybe the dog house isn't such a bad place.

(Right now 3 dogs are having fine old time gnawing on bones that HWMBO bought for them. My socks are still damp from our big long walk. I have my list of things that need done and they are contemplating taking a big long nap, before I serve them their tea.)


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Can't be any worse than using the washers spin dry cycle to pump water out of a flooded basement (it was either that or bucket it out the loooong basement stairs). Washer needed replacing anyway, right? It was twenty years old anyway, right? Saved my back, right? Burning smell was gonna happen eventually, right? Avocado green didn't match the rest of the rec room, so it came out good all around right? Rec room had to be redone too, right? uh-huh...



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"NEVER do a job a boy can do!!! That one saying can keep you out of a multitude of days in the dog house. "


My son Kieran is no good at cleaning pegs. They just don't train Cubs like they used to.


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Interesting. Only reason I can think of for not putting them in the dishwasher would be if the dirt had small/medium pieces of grit and rocks. That could be bad for the really lame disposal-type mechanism in the drain of our dishwasher.


Of course, living where I do, just TRY to find dirt without small/medium pieces of grit...


Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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