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I want to be Scoutmaster while my son is in Scouts

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Sorry Gunny,


Texas is the nut. Why? For one thing, she can't read. I never told her to shut up. That whole thread about "forms" and adults brining friends was the writing of a nut. Now her comments in the Wood Badge related thread just cinch it up nice and tight. She's a nuuuut.

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Good for you for wanting to take on the challenge of becoming SM. But like others have stated, you are chosen on your attributes and sometimes through the pecking order. You can inform the present SM that you are willing to step up and step in on occasion when the SM is not able to be present for an activity, and leave it at that. When you get to know the CC in more then an occasionally seen parent relationship, you could very subtly drop a hint that if and when the time comes that the SM decides to step down, that you would like to be placed in the pool of candidates being considered as a replacement, and leave it at that.


I was very involved in Scouts back in my younger days. Achieved Eagle. Was an ASM for a couple of years, then slowly fell away from Scouting. That was around 1980.


Fast forward to 2002. My oldest one joins at 15 y/o. The troop has a good reputation and is mostly made up of families from our church. We sit down and talk with the SM. We talk ed about Dave's intentions and plans, then a little about my past Scouting history. I informed the SM that I was more then willing to assist in any way and would like to register as an ASM. He asked if I would serve on the committee instead. He informed me that the previous SM had so many people registered as ASM's and he didn't know why. It turned out that most were under 21y/o at the time. I excepted and did what I could.


A few months later, the SM decided to move into the CC position. In private, I asked that I be looked at, along with who ever else was interested, for the SM position. He had already had a CM, Eagle Scout, that had came up through the troop as a scouts in mind for the SM, if he could talk him into the position. I asked about the ASM position, backing it up with that most of the under 21 ASM's were never there, and was granted my wish.


Adults in the troop were leery of the newcomers, (we didn't come up through the local Pack), the new father asking to be ASM (most of the over 21 ASM's only scouting experience was from the Pack, not from being involved in Scouting as youth) and a 15, almost 16 y/o who had his sites set on Eagle (he'll never make it, especially with all the camping). He is now also an ASM, and one day would like to become a SM.


Two years ago while at a committee meeting, we were informed that the present SM was stepping back into a CM position because he was to stretched time-wise with work and other activities. While trying to come up with a list of prospective SM's, one of the CM's tossed my name in the hat. Unfortunately at the time I was not able to except tha offer, one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Next time the offer comes up, I'll be jumping at it. SWMBO was informed that she will die a scout widow.


I feel that a prospective SM should, if at all possible, come from the ranks of a person who experienced Scouts as a youth. That person already has a feel for how things should be done, and will not have to go through a year or two having to learn how to do Scouting.


I have to agree with some of the posters, that a SM whose son is already aged out, is better, because they are hopefully more focused on the troop as a whole, and not there to tunnelvision on what his son is doing in the troop, or changing troop events to fit with juniors sports/band interests, leaving the troop hanging.


We have had one father SM that knew how to play the game, an Eagle himself, and was able to focus on the troop as a whole. We have had one who had good intentions, but was busy (the troop suffered), and pushed his kids to much, to the point that they refused to get Eagle. The present one has only WDL experience, but is very sports focused. He wants the troop to work, but around sports. He does have good ties to the Pack, being a former leader. We'll see how things work out.


I had three SM's when I was in. One I do not remember if he had a son in. One did, and we played the "My dad is SM" game. My last, who I received my Eagle from, was young, married, no children, and had come up through the troop, and was probably the best SM I had.


jts has a great operation. A couple of weekends back I was fortunate enough to camp next to his gang. jts took the weekend off and delegated things over to his ASM's and CM's. The kids ran everthing themselves with very little adult supervision.


Tex, be quietly active, not over aggressive. Let your attributes show. If and when the time comes, with your son involved, or later after he has aged out, be willing to make at least a five year time commitment (don't just stay long enough to get the SM Key and bail like some do).



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