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committee chair who thinks he is Troop CEO

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Give me some sage advice here.

Our committee chair thinks he is the ruler of the Troop and we are fighting a constant to get him to back off. He took the job when the former CC got a job transfer and no one else stepped up. He can not get over the fact that the Troop is boy lead and that they call the shots on most things.

Example. The boys want to go on a biking outing to another state to ride an historic trail.

When they presented the idea he shook his head and mumbled that that wouldn't happen. When asked later about it he said"it's too long of a drive". Eventhough it was no longer than a regular campout. I had to remind him that it's not his decission.

This guy always seems to be out of the loop and as Scoutmaster I'm spending more time dealing with this guys actions and putting out fires than working with the boys.

Any ideas on how to deal with this are greatly appreciated.


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Ask him out for a cup of coffee or even something stronger if that's what ya'll drink. It is in the best interest for you to be able to work with your CC. Find out from him directly if he is just passing on the CO's wishes. Has he attended training? If not encourage him to do so.


If the friendly route does not work take the matter to your COR and/or IH. In the ideal world the SM and CC should be a good team with shared vision and goals for the Troop.

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Yah, what Brotherhood said!


Always a danger in appointing a "warm body", eh? I reckon in a lot of cases it's best to leave da position unfilled for a bit until someone natural steps up, if a unit isn't capable of identifying and recruiting a good person.


Even then, yeh sometimes get guys who behave differently when they're put "in charge" than when they were helpers.


I kinda take BobWhite's line on this, eh? If it's a good chap who is fumbling da ball because of lack of knowledge, steer toward immediate training, plus some hands-on coaching by a UC or da SM.


But if it's a guy who isn't a good fit for da job, it's easier to to change his role than to get him to change his spots. With a troop your size, cheffy, there's got to be other good candidates. Give him a nice award for his service and move someone better into the role. This time, no "warm bodies" eh? ;)


Another good notion is to always have a process of "6 month review" or "12 month review." An option for either the individual or the troop to make a change as part of the normal course of business without any loss of face or hard feelings.




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You know it happens it alot. For example, just went through a similar situation where a lady who is CC went behind my back and everyone else's to try and get me removed. Told everyone that parents complained about me and program. Was very funny and redeeeming when all these alleged complainers decided to leave the pack and go with me to another one after the Dist Chair, DE, and I presented it to the parents as an opportunity to go lead another pack and help revive them. Not only that, now they are more people who have got turned off that are calling wanting to come over also.


Bottom line: These type people destroy packs and troops quick. You really need to get on top of this and go for that cup of coffee before he does too much damage. This lady knew what she was doing and even announuced it. This persoon may not know, but if he does and you put your boys first, you need to get this slowed down or fixed ASAP for the benefit of all. However, there are right and wrong ways to do. The right way typically is the hardest.

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Good advice so far!


But again, try to find out what the deal is away from the Troop, give him a chance to be open about it instead of putting him on the defensive.


See if he has prior Scouting experience as a youth, or has ever been an ASM or SM, has he ever served on a well functioning committee?

See if he had gone to training for any of the above and if he has been or is seeking training for his current position.

If he's not trained and if he's resistant to going get the COR involved - he'll learn real quick that there are people he's responsible to if he doesn't want to go to training.


If he goes to training it should fix the problem.


If he just doesn't want to run a BSA program but has been to training then again it's a cup of coffee and possible COR involvement.


But don't let the first step of having your own cup with him and finding out whats going on from his perspective wait.

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This is really interesting.


first you have to talk to this person. Starting a new group or avoiding it is exactly what NOT to do - what are you teaching others and your kids? when confronted with a problem you have to deal with it head on.


The person may not know how they are coming off. I know as a "cc in training" a number of times I have told folks tell me if I am coming on too strong as I have some management experience and even though it was a while ago, it comes out in group settings.


One of the worst thing in ANY group is the whole power trip. I probably go the other way as no one and no title or income level ever impresses me. I had a path I could have gone down that I didnt and from that I have learned that just because someone has a high position or a ton of money means nothing as to who they are and if they are a good person.


HOWEVER there are some folks especially in non profit groups who never have had this opportunity and probably never will. They are convinced that because they have the title they get to be a "boss".


I am super lucky, we have a great pack and the leaders and parents get along pretty well - but its a group of what I would consider middle to upper middle class folks who all are close to the same position in life which I think makes a difference.


However when I went to our Roundtable I have to say I was appalled. Some of these folks I wouldnt let lead my dog. I also realized that some packs are great and some, not so much.

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Try this. Play dumb. Be non-threatening. Go ask the CC what is the purpose of the Committee in a Boy Scout troop. See what he comes up with.


ScoutMomSD - A pack committee and a troop committee have vastly different roles.

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You have at least a couple of different issues here. One has to do with the role of the committee chair. Another has to do with the boy-run troop idea.


On the boy-run troop thing, the adult leaders of our troop have sometimes over-ruled the boys when they want to do something that is too expensive or might not be safe or doesn't fit in with the aims of scouting. I haven't always agreed with the adults and it can be frustrating at times, but there are practical limits to what the boys can do on their own. For example, if they choose to go someplace far away and there are no adults willing to drive that far, they cannot drive themselves so that is the end of that. However, if that is the case, they will find that out for themselves eventually and don't need the CC to veto their outings.


Regarding the role of the committee chair, I do see a lot of troop web sites that refer to the committee chair as the "CEO". I agree that is not quite right, but I also believe it is true that the SM and the rest of the troop is below the CC on the typical troop org chart. (see http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Image:Boyscout-troop.gif) Now, that does not mean the CC should micro-manager the troop, and the SM should not either.

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I understand your post, I was a cc who just left the troop for a job transfer. That's been about two months ago, still getting calls. The cc should support the sm, they should work together, it's the sm who presents the program to the scouts, the scouts take the program and use it. They also help make the program, it is their troop, not the sm or cc, we are there to keep it safe. If your cc has not been trained...some training would be required, same goes for the sm. We as adults are not there for our own personal gain, we have, we must be open minded progressive thinkers, what can I do to serve my troop and what can I do to help these boys have a good time and at the same time learn and develope a life long skill.


edited by Eagle Foot




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