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What merit badges do you counsel?

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I do:

Canoing, Rowing, Composite Material, and Woodworking.

I have access to both a canoe and rowboat on property in the city limits on a local bayou. I spent a couple years working in a shipyard doing both fiberglass and woodworking. Easy to link these to boating. I would do Small boat handling if I had access to the appropriate sailboat, but I do not (yet!).

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Citizenship in the Nation


Citizenship in the World




Coin Collecting.


I've done photography in the past, and helped with cooking.


ETA: Our Council Advancement Committee restricts folks to six badges at any moment in time.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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In our district, the SM is automatically the counselor for Hiking, Cooking, and Camping.

I was chair of our last Spring Camporee where we offered a program for Wilderness Survival, so I signed up as a counselor only for the weekend for that one.

Swimming and Personal Fitness (I think) in the recent counselor drive. One of my Troop Dads became the District MB Counselor so as always, I pitched in to help. But I really dont have time for much else!

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American Business

Emergency Preparedness

Fly Fishing


Personal Management

Public Speaking



What a great thread! Not a single accusation from anyone that another's list is too long, too short, or other random bickering that is generally present in these forums. Talk about a breath of fresh air! (And looking at the lists, it appears that BW and I actually have a couple things in common!)(This message has been edited by pohsuwed)

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