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I have been trying to think of a good cobra yell for our patrol but I cannot come up with some to give as options. All I thought of is yelling "COBRA" with "ssssssssssssssssssss" after it.


Anyone have a good yell for cobras?




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Anyone in a patrol today would be too young to remember the G.I. Joe cartoons (they fought against Cobra, remember?)


Yes, I remember that very fondly. Why? 'Cause I was a member of the Cobra Anti-GI Joe Patrol. Our patrol members absolutely HATED that cartoon (which was based on a comic book series if I recall correctly) because of it's forced educational message at the end of each episode which always ended with "...and knowing is half the battle."


We went so far as to nickname members of the patrol after members of Cobra. Our PL was Cobra Commander, the APL was Destro...We even had a set of twins in the patrol who were good at finishing each other's sentences like the evil twins in Cobra.


So, of course, our patrol yell was the COBRA!!!!!!!! yell from the show. Our patrol flag was the Cobra flag from the series--a red symbolic-style cobra head on a black background. The patrol existed in one form or another in my hometown troop for nearly 10 years. Eventually, the patrol was retired and the flag came home to me. It's sitting now in the corner of my dining room with our various ribbons and patches from events we attended over the years. Occasionally, it will go on display when I'm asked to show an example of a patrol flag to this troop's patrol or that to help give them ideas.


As for your scouts, it's totally up to them what they do for a yell. As my example shows, if you let the scouts come up with it, they're more likely to put it to use/have fun with it.

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