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You are an ASM. You do not have the authority to create forms and impose more paperwork on the Troop.


You do not have the authority to fire your SM.


You can refuse to have visitors, who do not chip in for gas, ride with you in your car.


You can, and should, bring the subject up at the next Troop Committee meeting.

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I am part of this group, ASSM, parent or member of society, I can, and will do whatever it takes to protect our Scouts. I will add forms or paperwork to protect our Scouts at any cost!


Fire an SM no or yes but he will not expose scouts to immoral values.


I will refuse visitors that do not hold up to Scouting values.


I want to protect my friend but the Scouts are the important ones!!!

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Exactly what sort of "immoral values" are you talking about here? There must be a heck of a lot more going on in that troop than what you have posted here, because so far all I've seen is that the SM is inviting unregistered adults to camp with the troop. Now that could be an issue, but on what basis? Why are you so worried about these adults? What have they done that makes them a threat, in your eyes?


(And how do you think attempting to impose a form, which frankly I imagine the SM isn't going to agree to and will likely blow off, is going to resolve this?)

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Gee, it's gone from a guy who didn't chip in for food to some guy with immoral values which conjures up images of dancing nekkid around the campfire.


"I am part of this group, ASSM, parent or member of society, I can, and will do whatever it takes to protect our Scouts. I will add forms or paperwork to protect our Scouts at any cost!"


I'm guessing that "ASSM" is an "ASM." You can create all the forms you want but you really, really have no authority to enforce anything or create anything. What every you say or do has no weight. Really it doesn't. As someone else pointed out, you work for the SM. If you went to your boss at your paid job and said, "Boss, I created this form for you to fill out every time you need more coffee. . ." what do you think his reaction would be?


I'd like to know how this guy used resources that the Scouts could have used.


I know that if I was an SM and my bestest friend from college was in town when there was a campout planned, I'd probably invite him to come along to see what it is that I've been doing for the past decade and why I invest so much time in it. Could he add to the program? Probably not? Would he get in the way? Probably not? Would the guys like to talk to him around the campfire? Former Naval officer, world traveller, business man, pilot . . . you tell me. Would that be a benefit to the troop? Probably.


I really want to know about this immoral behavior.

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If they are exhibiting behavior that is contrary to the Guide to Safe Scouting, that's an issue.


The visitor being female is not, by itself, a cause for concern.


Is the lady behaving inappropriately toward the boys?


Is there inappropriate behavior going on in front of the boys between the SM and his visitor?


If she's got her own tent and not causing problems, I still don't see what the issue is. Perhaps you could clarify a little bit about what, specifically, is causing you concern.



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Let's not play stump the chump, please.


If there is a Youth Protection issue, take the whole matter to your Scout Executive.


If there is a "wholesome conduct" (for want of better words) issue, resign your position as ASM, become a committee person, and take the matter up with the CC and COR.


A form doesn't cut it, and won't cut it. If there is a need for clear expectations from adults, lay the problem at the feet of the CC; then let him and the COR make a policy decision.



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scoutingintexas wrote,

"I am just wanting to prevent visitors invited by our scoutmater who thinks HE owns the

troop and we have no say."


As a once-upon-a-time Literature major, I tend to pay attention to words (which is not to say I don't often fail to let poorly selected ones flood out!), but I couldn't help but notice the phrase above, "who thinks HE owns the troop and we have no say". It reminds me a scene in Disney's Aristocat's movie that's often been quoted in our household, when someone climbs up on their high horse, "That wuz a little ol' cricket bug", followed by "Ah'm the leader! Ah'll say whut it wuz! . . . . It wuz a little ol' cricket bug".


It's also often true that when folks begin to grump, they often expose their real concerns first, and trot out their justifications only if they don't get all the sympathy they want.


I could be wrong, but to me scoutintexas's post comes across more like a gripe from someone who's gotten his panties in a bunch, because he didn't get the respect and deference proper to his station. I get that -- I've been guilty myself way too often. But he seems to be bringing up possible 'real' issues only in response to less than sympathetic posts from others.


It doesn't sound like the boys are mad. It doesn't sound like anyone has been threatened or exposed to something inappropriate. It doesn't sound like the campout program or plans have been disrupted. It does sound like someone has gotten a 'free' meal. But that's about all.


A whole new troop operational procedure and complication seems like massive overkill, unless some egos are involved.




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Let's just say we stop playing games.


If there's something improper going on, you haven't said what it is. There is nothing in the rules that say women must be married in order to attend a Boy Scout camp-out. GaHillBilly is right; it sounds like you're just upset that you weren't asked. Or maybe you have an issue with a woman along on the camp-out because you personally can't keep your head out of the gutter.


I'm starting to smell a troll.

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"lets just say one is married one not."


So? One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is a woman to whom I'm not married. I'm pretty sure that I haven't seen her nekkid since she was two and I was three. If see was visiting and I had a campout planned, I'd probably ask her to go along because she like camping. Would we share a tent? Nope. Would we run off behind a tree and neck? Nope. Would her husband object if she went away with me for a couple days? He hasn't yet. Would some dirty minded person think that something was going on? I'm sure they would. What would the boys think? They'd probably say, "cool, Mr. Winger has a friend who's a babe and is really cool because she camps and talks about guns and things."


The question asked by someone else still stands, do you think that something untoward is going on or, better yet, do you have evidence that something is going on?

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Please post the questions you plan to include on your "form".


Here's one you can use.


At the campfire how close do you the hoochie-mommie plan to sit next to the scoutmaster(please check one)

A His butt will be touching mine.

B Six inches will seperate our bodies ar all time

C One - three feet

D He smells like smoke and I will sit far away and up wind.









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