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As Committee Chair...Keeping People Happy

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If you search the archieves of these forums you will find that one of the most commonly posed question is the removal of a Committee Chairman.


Therefore, what I want to know are the things that you expect from a Committee Chairman. Please chose somewhere between 3 and 5 different aspects, characteristics, and what not that a Committe Chairman must either have or show to keep you satisifed.


My things that a Committee Chairman must be able to do are:

1) Network with Parents, members of the Chartered Organization, and the Community at Large to indentify program resources, future leaders, and administrative support for the unit


2) Be able to keep a Committee Meeting to an agenda and keep the meeting at a pace that allows business to end within an hour and a half of starting


3) Maintain a positive relationship with the Unit Leader and Chartered Organization Rep.


4) Be a positive role model for the kids in a unit


5) Understand the Program that they are working with

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I would add that the CC is primarily responsible for the Rechartering process and overseeing the administrative side of the Pack/Troop. That means having a good grasp of the Pack/Troop's finances and a working Finance Comm. They should also be a good listener with the ability to provide support and feedback to help others improve their performance within the unit. They should be Boy focused but business minded IMHO.

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Yes, that may be true. However, if a Committee Chairman knows what is expected from him/her by his supervisor (Chartered Organization) and by those "below him/her on the ladder" he/she may be able to do a better job and know what areas should be their primary concerns.


Since this is a volunteer program, those not happy with the Committee Chairman are more likely to cause a stir, start using "politics" in scouting where it simply is not needed, and stray from their primary job responsiblity of supporting the unit program.


As a Committee Chairman I think it is entirely appropriate to know what those who you serve expect from you and that they know what you expect from them.

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Having organized a few units here is what is shared with the Charter Organization Representative in selecting a Committee Chair if they want to have a strong successful Scouting program.


1)They need to have the time available to get the job done, including chairing a 90 minute meeteing each month


2) They should have basic leadership skills including being a good communicator, planner, evaluator, problem solver, and motivator. recruiter.


3) They must be willing to attend training and to support training for all other adult volunteers in the unit.


4) They must meet the joining requirements of the BSA and agree to follow the program, rules, and procedues of the BSA.


5) They need to be a person of strong positive values and morals.


The BSA has no control over who they actually select other than insuring they meet the joining requirement. The closer they stay to this criteria the better their chances of success. The further from these characteristics the greater the likelyhood of failure.



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Amen to all the above, with the possible exception of a monthly meeting... we get along fine with a quarterly one, but our troop is quite small.


It can be a difficult job. I was recruited for it in our troop by the founding SM and had no idea what the job entailed. After a year of figuring it out and getting fully trained, it came about that I realized I would have to replace the SM who had recruited me. Very touchy situation, but fortunately I had the CO and most of the parents supporting the move, and a very good SM to take his place. But the bad feelings are there to this day.


A CC has to always remember it is all about the boys and the program, not the adults.

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